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Sanitary pad se ew sauce?

1newyorkguy Nov 8, 2010 01:24 PM

i bought kwong hung seng sauce at a Thai markets reccomendtion. I googled it and see the FDA has consistently found insect and rat filth in it. Know any clean alternatives?

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  1. 1newyorkguy Nov 8, 2010 04:49 PM

    here's the stomach-turning link

    1. CindyJ Nov 9, 2010 12:01 PM

      That is totally gross!!! And it really makes me wonder about the vast array of imported products available in ethnic markets. I'm curious -- what prompted you to google the product in the first place?

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      1. re: CindyJ
        1newyorkguy Nov 9, 2010 01:04 PM

        Hmm..I guess just to see what others thought of it. I also was aware of imported products from Asia being tainted with various things, so I had an eye open for that.

      2. t
        twj Nov 9, 2010 07:15 PM

        I use Healthy Boy brand for black soy sauce and yellow bean sauce for Thai dishes. I am tempted to Google to see if any FDA warnings come up, after reading that. I've used the Kwong Hung Seng in the past-needless to say, I will never again.

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        1. re: twj
          1newyorkguy Nov 9, 2010 07:58 PM

          I just bought Trader Joe's black pepper sauce, which is made in Thailand. Hopefully it does the trick and is free of vermin!

          1. re: 1newyorkguy
            1newyorkguy Nov 15, 2010 02:16 PM

            avoid the tj's sauce..tastes nasty

        2. monpetitescargot Nov 9, 2010 09:12 PM

          oh my god, that is really disturbing, how is it still being imported? feathers? mouse hair? omg.

          maybe this will help? http://www.foodsubs.com/CondimntAsia....

          also, did anyone read the title of this post and laugh?

          1. mrbigshotno.1 Nov 10, 2010 06:22 AM

            I watched a documentary about food in Korea about 10 years ago, there was a Korean lady who claimed she was a buyer for a large Korean food manufacturer. She claimed that the sanitation in Chinese and Thai factories was disgusting and appaling(she was talking about spice factories) , I dunno, I tended to beleive her. She was very convincing.

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            1. re: mrbigshotno.1
              LaPomme Nov 10, 2010 09:48 AM

              Oh man. This definitely confirms my reservations about using Chinese water chestnuts, black bean sauce, and other such imported ingredients. I always read lables to try to find products that aren't from China or Thailand, but usually there's no choice.

            2. alkapal Nov 10, 2010 01:20 PM

              this it? http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/ClIrrH6f5cupAzYaoPKJcA

              or this, i think: http://thaicookinghouse.com/glossary....

              if it's on the FDA red list, it ain't getting in, though. at least that's how i read it,

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              1. re: alkapal
                ZenSojourner Nov 10, 2010 03:09 PM

                No new product is getting in, but I wonder about stuff already on the shelves, in warehouse, or in stock rooms . . .

                1. re: ZenSojourner
                  alkapal Nov 10, 2010 06:05 PM

                  i may be a wuss, but whenever i have a "lee kum kee" brand option in a particular paste or sauce, i'll choose it. i have confidence in them from years of use (and presumably no FDA alerts. ;-).

                  1. re: alkapal
                    ZenSojourner Nov 10, 2010 06:31 PM

                    Yeah, I don't think avoiding rat excrement and whole beetle larva makes one wussy.

                    And Lee Kum Kee comes up clean, except for a brush with a possible carcinogen back in the 90's (which was not at dangerous levels and was in a lot of other brands of soy sauce as well)

                    Now if only I could be sure of getting clean (or at least clean-ish) bean thread noodles . . .

                    1. re: ZenSojourner
                      twj Nov 10, 2010 08:36 PM

                      Many Lee Kum Kee products are made in California, which inspires a little more consumer confidence than those made in Asia, IMO.

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