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Nov 8, 2010 01:20 PM

Trip Report for Sorrento and Amalfi Coast-early Nov 2010

First time poster. We traveled to Italy last week and benefited from others' posts on restaurant recommendations, so, thank you! In an attempt to pass on the favor, here is the list of our favorites:

First night, most forgettable of the restaurants, which is why I cannot remember the name of the restaurant :)

Sorrento- Pizzeria DA FRANCO-around the corner from the train station on Via del Corsa. Extremely casual (plastic plates and forks!), extremely busy, definitely not the place for a relaxed, lengthy meal.
Wonderful pizza and very cheap.

Sorrento- AURORA-another pizzeria/ trattoria, sister restaurant to the more expensive and formal O'Canonica. Directly on the major piazza, curt service, busy, touristy, BUT very good quality: salad mista/ pappardella with seafood/ mixed seafood/great desserts. 8/10

last night in Sorrento-LA BASILICA- co-owned with Restaurant Caruso, another highly praised rest.
La Basilica was excellent. Higher end, more expensive than others we went to, but worth it. White truffle sauce over house-made spaghetti (to die for)/ steamed mussels/ risotto with tomato, artichoke and local provolone/ ravioli alla Sorrento/ grilled squid with salad/ grilled mixed veg/ lemon cake and profiteroles...all memorable dishes. 9/10

Positano-DA VINCENZO- Very good. Seared tuna/ fried mixed local fish/ rigatoni with meat sauce/
asst grilled veggies. Seafood was the standout. A bit impersonal in service. 7.5/10

Amalfi coast, near Ravello, TORRE NORMAN...certainly the most interesting and lovely location for a restaurant in our week stay. An old Norman tower, set out over the water, fascinating. Formal, pricier restaurant, with polished service, elegant decor and wonderful food: raw fish (Italian sushi?)
assortment and ravioli with local fresh ricotta and mozzarella tossed with a lemon-mint sauce were
standouts. Complimentary cookies. 9.5/10

Atrani- small town near Ravello- A' PARANZA Restaurante- another higher end restaurant. We liked it enough to go back again two nights later. Warm, friendly service. Standout course was a stuffed calamari with potato and local smoked mozzarella topped with a white wine sauce. Complementary dish on the second visit of assorted shellfish. Reasonably priced for the quality. 9.5/10

Atrani-Restaurante Pizzeria LE PALME- right near the beach, very casual and inexpensive. Excellent pizza (of which Primavera was the best). Tasty salads. Friendly. 7.5/10

Anacapri-DA GELSOMINA alla Migliara- at the end of a long walk from the chairlift area on Migliara road. Local clientele, wonderful views from the terrace, fantastic food: tiny clams in a deliciously light garlic sauce/ grilled sausage and broccoli rabe (all of the above are not to be missed!) and fried asst seafood (light and not a bit of grease). 10/10

A favorite dessert, featured in every restaurant in the area: lemon cake...worth every calorie...


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  1. Thank your for the report! I look forward to a few of the places!!

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    1. re: secondsplz

      You're welcome. One restaurant that I forgot to list was Compo Cosimo (sp?) in Ravello for lunch. We were recommended there by a shopkeeper . The food was certainly of good quality and authentic, but we felt the "grandma charming the other customers" schtick was a distraction. 7/10

    2. Thanks very much for the report..I may return to this area next fall so your thoughts are most welcome.

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        Your welcome. One other thought, as you said you want to go in the fall: this area really shuts down in late Oct/early Nov. We found many restaurants had already closed on the first of November. Open hotels also are scarce. The upside is that the roads and towns are wonderfully empty , especially important considering the difficulty of driving the Amalfi Coast road!

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          just note, we were in the Naples area late Oct - early Nov last year and more than half the days were rainy and windy. Nov is a very wet month so you may lose days to the rain.

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            Thanks--if I go I will go in late September/early October. Trying to arrange a plan that will cover the Cilento and the Amalfi area; this would be with friends who do not know Italy south of Rome.
            Thinking (but this is very early days) of flying into Lamezia Terme and driving north, stopping maybe in Maratea and Cilento before ending on the Amalfi Coast...I will be sure to return here once my friends on on board and I have begun to plan!