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Nov 8, 2010 12:33 PM

Need a late night ramen shop in Ikebukuro

Gonna arrive to my hotel in Ikebukuro around 12am. So I am looking for a ramen shop that I can go to around 1am. So far I have found only Mutekiya and Nakamoto ramen.

Some reviews I have seen are that Mutekiya is just an average spot and Nakamoto is more like a spicy novelty ramen shop.

Anyone from the area have any advice for me? I would prefer to get Tonkotsu ramen and if there is no really good one around then Miso ramen would do.

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  1. The headquarters of Tonchin (屯ちん) is probably your best bet for tonkotsu in the wee hours in that area.

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      It might be something with my browser, but I just noticed that the first map link in the URL I gave you takes you to a place that is nowhere near Ikebukuro. Paste the below into Google Maps for the correct map:


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        Just checked it out and unless anyone else replies with something better i guess that is where I will be going. you have any recommendations as far as toppings or any specialties for the shop? Looks like they have shumai, is that worth going for?

        1. re: theFuj46

          I've never had them, but they don't look like anything special.Best to concentrate on the ramen. For me pork and menma do the job. Nori and other leafy toppings distract from the texture.

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            I have lived in Japan for a number of years and in my experience, I simply cannot accept hearing someone call Mutekiya "average". Mutekiya's miso ramen is basically the tastiest that I've tried - 4 types of miso blended into something very, very special indeed.

            If you really cannot handle the queue, there's an alternative choice on the same block, towards the railway bridge on the south side, forgot the name, but they have shorter queues and I think they are more shoyu-biased. Either choice is excellent.



        Tasty, open 24/7 and the ideal place to have some ramen when you are really stressed out from travel as noone will bother you.