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Nov 8, 2010 12:29 PM

Place with non-pork ramen in Tokyo, Kyoto

Does such a place exist? I know lots of ramen-heads will be turned and eyes rolling at this request, but I'm traveling with someone who doesn't eat pork. Do you know of any great ramen spots that have broths made without pork? Seafood and vegetable are fine.

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  1. This year's issue of Ishiyama-san's ramen roundup magazine has "beef tonkotsu" as it's special theme. I haven't read it yet, it's still sitting on my desk.

    One option you might want to consider is chicken/salt-based broth. But you need to be more specific with your question as to what areas of the city you are willing to travel to.

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      Tenkaippin? I didn't like it, but it's chicken-y. (Although I bet it was my first ramen in Tokyo, which you specifically advise against!)
      Hirugao comes to mind; again I wasn't crazy about it (the one in Tokyo Station).
      Next door, Keisuke Gaiden lobster ramen.
      Yesterday I had the seafood-based ramen at Watanabe in Takadanobaba...

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        I had another person who came here for a visit and couldn't eat his Tenkaippin either. I like it, but I was actually referring to a place like Daiki:

        I think Ivan had a couple non-pork shio items on the menu at Ivan Ramen too:

        Those are just a couple.

    2. There are many places in Tokyo that make broths with chicken as the animal fat. RamenDB has a feature that lets you sort by this. The top rated place right now is Fuunji, which is in Shinjuku. Here is the site- You might want to ping them by email to confirm they don't use pork.

      Here is current ranking of chicken soup places. #1, 3, 8, 10 are Tokyo:

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        Sorry, I should have been more specific. No pork, beef or chicken, but seafood is ok for broth. Are there any 100% veggie broths out there?