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ISO "Ace of Cakes" style bakery for groom's cake!!!!

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So I'm getting my wedding cake from Porto's but their groom's cake skills are a little lacking. Plus, if my wedding venue didn't come with an included wedding cake from there, I would not have chosen Porto's. Their cakes are way too sweet and their buttercream frosting is SO sweet it's gritty. Anyway, I digress. I am looking for a bakery that can make an In-n-out groom's cake. I'm looking to only spend around a couple hundred dollars. It doesn't need to feed the entire wedding, just my groom. Any ideas?

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      Thanks for these thread links. Any idea on pricing?

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        I ordered a fabulous (but fairly simple) two-tiered cake for my husband's 30th. That ran me $185, and the delivery was thrown in free because the location was a few miles away. If you're looking for a more structural design with elaborate details, I'm quite certain that will run you beyond your $200 budget. Most custom design cakes run about $3 - 5 per slice/person....and they might not agree to a small-scale cake as you previously mentioned because of the design. Congratulations and good luck!

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          Thanks, @attran99. I know it's easier to work with a mid-sized cake when they sculpt so whatever is cheaper I think is the way I'll go. I'll have to look into the bakeries mentioned in those threads posted tomorrow since they're all closed today.