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Nov 8, 2010 12:21 PM

Thanksgiving in Galveston

My family will be spending Thanksgiving in Galveston. We need recommendations for a place where we can pick up a (prepared) turkey and all the fixings. Would LOVE a deep-fried turkey if possible. Any suggestions??

Also, any suggestions for a bakery to get a birthday cake in the area?


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  1. There are a number of cajun eateries in Galveston but the only ones I'm familiar with are Bennos' on the Beach, a very good counter service/seafood place, and Leo's Cajun corner on Broadway. The latter makes their own sausages and gumbo, etc., and also does bbq; they might do a deep-fried turkey, I don't know. Almost certainly will do smoked turkey for the holidays. also check with Leon's World Famous In and Out BBQ on Bway @ 55th, they likewise will probably do smoked turkey and maybe deep fried.

    Only bakery I've ever tried was Texas Star Bakery in a little building behind Leon's; they get some good reviews on line but I've never had them do a cake, just bought some Mexican pastries.

    There's always going to be Kroger and Walmart, if you get desperate, for all of your needs! Sorry about that.

    1. You might try this place for a fried turkey, Capital Q on the Seawall next to Benno's. I've never been there, however.

      From what I've read it's a Washington D.C. place run by an ex -Texan with a branch in Galveston. As Bruce said, you might try other locals. Some different ones that I suggest are Queens BBQ on Stewart Rd. and Randall's grocery on 61'st street, but I do not know what they have.