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Nov 8, 2010 11:28 AM

Meat thermometers

So we have an instant read meat thermometer. I don't like having to open the oven door and stick in the thermometer, as I never can time it right and still overcook things. The best chicken I ever made had a pop-up thermometer in it. Do they sell these for home use? Williams-Sonoma has this:, which looks cool beyond words.

Does any chowhounder have any experience with thermometers, other than the instant-read types?

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  1. For roasting, see if you can find a thermometer with a remote probe and an alarm.

    Set the desired temperature, stick the probe into the meat in an appropriate spot, and the unit (outside the oven) will beep ones the meat reaches the desired temp -- no need to open the oven door to see how things are going.

    Otherwise, I just use one of those digital, instant-read thermometers.

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      Amazon has this Taylor model for a bit less, read the reviews:

      I have to say there are so many remote probe type thermos on the market, seemingly every thermometer manufacturer makes a few models, with similar features and varying price points; I've read through many reviews and still can't decide which way to go, budget in mind, of course.

    2. I have used dial and mercury type. I also have an instant read and a remote sensor. The dial and the mercury type cannot be read unless you open the oven door. I like the remote sensor the best. it can be read easily since it site on the my counter and I do not have to open the oven. They are reasonably priced in my opinion. $20-30. My research indicated the wireless models were not as reliable so I went with the wired

      1. I have a remote read with a wire, I don't recall the brand but it wasn't very expensive. I mostly use it when smokeing large pieces of meat on my Weber SmokeyMoutain Grill. A pork loin for example needs to have an internal temperature of 190°F. This has a thermocouple that you stick into the meat and a wire I run out of the vent hole and into the digital thermometer. The unit I have is magnetic and it just sits on the outside of the grill lid. There is no reason this wouldn't work great in an oven. I saw one at Sur La Table that reads oven temperature and meat temperature at the same time. How great is that?

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          Sounds like a Polder. I've had one for years and love it. It cost around $12.00. They're available almost everywhere.

        2. I'm a fan of the Comark # HLA-1 probe style thermometer if you dont want to keep goin in and out of oven. Good quality