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Nov 8, 2010 10:44 AM

Dog Haus in Pasadena

I read about a new hot dog place in Pasadena on a blog. The name is Dog Haus and they are located on the corner of hill and union in Pasadena. For two I purchased:

-their 1/4 lb "stray dog" which is a delicious skinless hot dog. Opted for no toppings, just mustard. They serve it on kings hawaiian bread which they grill for texture.
-frito pie with chili and cheese and onions. This was big.
-bratwurst with sauerkraut and mustard, served on a hollowed out french baguette which was grilled.
-Their "little leaguer" which is comprised of a 1/4 pound dog, chilie con carne, fritos cheese and onions on grilled kings bread. Kinda like dumping a frito pie on a hot dog.

Total cost $20 including tax. The food is fresh and of high quality. The kings bread is a nice touch too. Inside the place is inviting, although I took mine to go. The staff was friendly and seemed to want to please. I'll be back.

Dog Haus
105 N Hill Ave, Pasadena, CA 91106

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  1. There was another thread about Dog Haus recently:

    I really liked Dog Haus but wish their hot dogs were thinner.

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    1. re: Peripatetic

      Yeah, I realized that I prefer thinner, natural casing dogs. Wish they would offer them. I wonder if the turkey or veggie dogs are smaller. Will stop by on the way home from work tonight. Thanks!!

      1. re: WildSwede

        Totally agree. Maybe they will read this and reconsider. It would be so easy to offer, say, a Vienna or Hoffy dog as an option. I know others disagree, but I wouldn't mind paying $1 more for one.

        Look forward to hearing what you think!

        1. re: reality check

          Most natural casing hot dogs are made from sheep intestine casings that's why they're so thin and usually weigh in at 2 oz (1/8 pound) compared to their other 1/4 pound dogs.

          1. re: reality check

            It works better than I expected. I anticipated that the sweetness of the bun would compete with the dog and condiments, but it didn't. I found it actually preferable to the anemic buns at Slaw Dogs.

            Unfortunately the best buns in my experience are the New England-style ones at Market Grill in Monrovia. I say "unfortunately" because the dogs they use are disappointing.

          2. re: WildSwede

            On the other post someone mentioned they have a "snap dog" which is a natural casing hot dog.

            1. re: monku

              Umm, that's what pictured in the link, the snap dog.

              1. re: reality check

                I'll have to try it on the next visit. I was tempted to try it on the first one, but wanted to give the house dog (no pun intended) a chance, even it it didn't seem promising.

                1. re: reality check

                  Response was to WildSwede's comment:

                  "Yeah, I realized that I prefer thinner, natural casing dogs. Wish they would offer them."

                  1. re: monku

                    Thanks, Monku. I saw that they had the smaller natural casing dogs when I was there looking at the menu - they call them "snap dogs". I ordered the chili cheese fries (fries well done and grilled onions) and the natural casing dog with the chili, cheese, fritoes, onions. The chili cheese fries rocked my world. I really loved them. The dog was okay, but nothing compared to the fries. Maybe that is because the dog got cold while I was chowing on the fries. However, whoever came up with the idea of the Hawaiian rolls for buns is brilliant. I think it worked fabulously with the dog.
                    The manager told me that you can get whatever they offer on anything - if it is on the menu, you can get it.
                    It is nice to have another hot dog place in the 'hood. Staff was great, music was great and food was great. What more can you ask for?
                    Total before tip, with drink, was around $11.90

                    1. re: WildSwede

                      I decided to check the place out during my Saturday errands. I got two natural casing dogs: one with chili & cheese, the other with sauerkraut. I thought the King's Hawaiian worked better with the chili than the kraut. I liked the flavor of the NC dog, but I thought they might have been a tad overcooked - the casing was a bit tough.

                      With two dogs, I didn't need a side, although the fries looked OK and I was intrigued by the idea of sweet potato tater tots.

                      The one thing I didn't like was that if you want "standard" toppings (various mustards and ketchups, relish, onions, peppers), you have to put them on yourself. While they have a nice selection thereof, I'm particular about the order in which toppings are applied. Mustard should always go first, but I had to add it myself, on top of the kraut, and it just doesn't work as well that way.

                      1. re: Jack Flash

                        Why not ask them for the kraut on the side? I'm sure most restaurants would handle that request.

                        1. re: reality check

                          That's one way of dealing with it, but still: every other hot dog establishment I frequent is capable of putting some mustard on the dog before the kraut, or the chili. I just shouldn't have to do it myself. And I also kinda like some mustard on my chili dog, too, and shouldn't have to ask for the chili and the cheese on the side just so I can properly apply the mustard. It isn't enough to keep me from returning, but it bothers me.

                          Perhaps if I had been more persistent, they would have taken care of it. But it's not even an issue at, say, Carney's, Slaw Dogs, Cupid's, or Wiener Factory (RIP).

                          The Slaw Dogs
                          720 N Lake Ave, Pasadena, CA 91104

          3. We finally got to Dog Haus, and we're glad we did. We were headed across town that way anyway, and my too-light breakfast had left me running on fumes. This stop certainly took care of that!

            Mrs. O ordered the "Snap" dog with cheddar cheese; I got the bratwurst on French roll, and asked for caramelized onions and sauerkraut. We both got fries and Barq's. Well after I'd ordered I saw the guy ladelling about a pint of onions onto my roll, and realized I'd meant to ask for those items on the side, since I like to swipe a bit of mustard and mayonnaise on the bread first, but what the heck. I did manage to hold the toppings aside enough to squirt some Gulden's in there, and let it go at that.

            Trying to find a place to take a bite from without dumping it into my lap was a chore in itself, but a rewarding one, since just the toasted roll, which was what the first couple of bites mostly consisted of, was worth eating all by itself. When I did get to the brat, it was very hot and very juicy, in spite of having been split in two, and a delicious example of its breed. Mrs. O was delighted with hers, finding it wonderfully chewy and flavorful, and she loved the Hawaiian bread roll. She also loved the fries, which she eats with plenty of catsup. I thought they were okay, a bit too salty, but not wonderful. When she suggested I could've ordered a side of aioli (which costs extra - can't remember exactly how much), I realized that the free condiments bar has the makings of some good fry dips: mayo and Sriracha, anyone? Next time.

            I wasn't wowed by the music, which during our visit hung out a bit too close to disco, but it wasn't awful. The room is delightful, as are the people who run it, and the whole place has a bright and welcoming feel to it. That's a good thing, since there's a lot more menu to explore, and we're looking forward to doing that. When the two of us can have a good lunch out for under $15 that's a treat in itself, and then of course there's the promise of Fosselman's ice cream treats in the future. Good thing we've gotten back to those late-afternoon walks!

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            1. re: Will Owen

              "Disco"? Ha! That was the Police. It was great.--Mrs. O.

              1. re: Chauve Souris

                De gustibus non est disputandem. But if it goes bump bumpety bump over and over I don't care if it's the Beach Boys or J.S. Bach, it's dammit disco.

                1. re: Will Owen

                  LOL - when I was there, they were playing 80s KROQ. Went perfectly with chili and dogs!! ;-)

              2. re: Will Owen

                I was also there today for a late lunch, but with mixed feelings.
                The pluses:
                Great space, great vibe, friendly staff, refillable soft drinks, good menu choices, reasonable prices.

                The not so good minus:
                Ordered 2 snap dogs plain (what can I say...). Not terrible, and it definitely was natural casing, but it tasted... different. Maybe I'm simply too used to a Nathan's-Sabrett's-Hebrew National dog, but this just tasted... kinda weird. Adding mustard to the 2nd dog helped, but it was almost gamey tasting. I don't know it simply needed to be cooked longer, or if it's the nature of that particular beast. At this point I'd give the natural casing edge to Slaw Dogs - just a tastier dog.

                I'm definitely open to trying Dog Haus again. Could have been an off day. FWIW - I liked the music - sorta like an iPod of a 40 something...

                The Slaw Dogs
                720 N Lake Ave, Pasadena, CA 91104

                Dog Haus
                105 N Hill Ave, Pasadena, CA 91106

                1. re: Briggs

                  Went to Dog Haus and got the snap dog. Pretty good, but nothing great. The Hawaiian bread, just doesn't do it for me. They need to give people another option for the bun.

                  Dog Haus
                  105 N Hill Ave, Pasadena, CA 91106

                  1. re: reality check

                    I wonder if they would let you sub the french roll that they serve their sausages in. Had the Bourbon St. Andouille sausage with sweet peppers and caramelized onions yesterday and it was really good. The roll was great! My friend, who only eats turkey dogs, said that their turkey dog is the best she has ever had. They also loved the sweet potato fries. I stuck with my fave, chili cheese fries. SO good!!

              3. Went again today for lunch. I was told by one of my friends that the burgers are good and I noticed they offer sliders for 1.50 with angus beef, white american cheese and grilled onions. Sold! We called in our order to eat there and then left the office.
                I ordered one slider, a "regular" (natural casing and smaller than their 1/4 lb. dogs) with grilled onions and cheddar (added Gulden's mustard myself), an order of onion rings, well done and a drink. Around $8.
                My friend ordered the Hail Maria (1/3 lb. angus beef burger, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, cheddar and mayo), sweet potato fries (she gets these every time she goes) and a drink.
                Food was ready when we got there. The first thing I noticed was how HUGE her burger was. It was 4 of those small hawaiian sweet rolls put together. Patty was thick and juicy. Just seeing hers made me dig into my slider before I even got a drink and sat down!! That slider was delicious! The meat was charred and meaty tasting, toppings complemented it well. All in all, next time, I will be ordering sliders - maybe 3. Dog was good, but I was thinking of the slider the whole time I was eating it. The onion rings were really, really good.
                While we were eating I commented to my friend how that place makes me feel like I am back in high school every time I enter it. Must have something to do with the great music they play. That SNL "More Cowbell" song was starting just as we left. Everyone just seems happy when they are there. If you have not tried it, go!! ;-)
                I think they had a sign that says they will be open 24 hours on New Years Eve and open at 10am on NYD. Hope a lot of lucky parade goers find it and stop in!! Happy New Year!

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                1. re: WildSwede

                  I ordered one slider, a "regular" (natural casing and smaller than their 1/4 lb. dogs)
                  Trying to understand your statement of a slider w/ natural casing?


                  I think they had a sign that says they will be open 24 hours on New Years Eve and open at 10am on NYD
                  How can they be open 24 hours NYE and not open on NYD until 10am?

                  1. re: monku

                    Commas are used to separate items in lists.

                    She used a comma, between sliders and a "regular", since she was listing what she ordered.

                    As for the 24 hrs. NYE is Dec 31 They could open at midnight on Fri Dec 31 or not close on Thrs. Oct 30th, then close at midnight on NYE. That would be 24hrs. I'm guessing they will be stay opening on NYE and until 4-6am on NYD, to feed the party people. Then reopen at 10am on NYD to feed the parade fans.

                    1. re: reality check

                      Must have missed the comma or it wasn't there when posted.
                      Why would any restaurant "open" at midnight on NYE?

                      Poster is a "he".

                      1. re: monku

                        You copied and pasted HER, post and it included a comma. You just missed it.

                        Read the entire post, again. I said, or not close on Thrs. Oct 30th, then close at midnight on NYE.

                        I clicked on Wild Swede's profile and she lists her name. It's a female name.

                      2. re: reality check

                        Thank you, reality, for coming to this damsel's defense! ;-)

                  2. Thought it was decent. Had the cowboy dog + brat w/ sauerkraut

                    cowboy dog was good, no complaints. knife/fork affair.

                    brat was okay, the brat itself was good as was the sauerkraut. I thought the roll was too hard.

                    overall would go back to try out some other stuff but Fab's still #1 for me.

                    better than Vicious in NoHo though

                    1. Basing the entire menu around King's Hawaiian bread is a mistake IMO. It's not the best choice for every hot dog. They should offer steamed Old Country buns as an option.

                      I also think that they should have more preset menu options, but that would require a chef who is adept at creating compelling original combinations. Having everyone endlessly gawk at three levels of add-ons...and then decide on chili and cheese!?! is frustration that I don't need.

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                      1. re: jsaras

                        I agree about the KHB and their french roll is too hard. Then their prices have shot up since the first open. Good thing I had a groupon. But, I'm not coming back here. The hot dogs are good but not great, the KHB doesn't work for me and the prices are just getting out of line.

                        1. re: reality check

                          The sliders are awesome. You should try them.

                        2. re: jsaras

                          Got a message from Dog Haus today that they have another option:

                          Starting today, all of our gourmet sausages will now be served on the Savory Butter rolls made by King's Hawaiian. So good!

                          Dog Haus
                          105 N Hill Ave, Pasadena, CA 91106