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Nov 8, 2010 10:42 AM

Blackbird is Open.

Well, that didn't take long.

Dinner only this week with more being added soon. Details:

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  1. Missed this place the first time around. Determined not to make the same mistake twice. Might hit it up on Thursday, unless it's going to be slammed.

    1. Was it good before? What was it like?

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      1. re: SpursDynasty

        I liked it a lot. Cool vibe, sort of neighborhood-y, sort of hip. I loved the walleye po' boy sandwich and thought the fries were good too. Brunch was good, but always crowded on the weekends. Hopefully, they will have more room in the new space because the tables were pretty crowed. Having said that, I am looking forward to visiting the new spot.

        1. re: leeniebeanie

          Went for dinner tonight; nice vibe, very knowledgeable servers (well, one of the bartenders who used to work at the old place.)

          Started with the grilled squid stuffed with fennel sausage in a smoked tomato buerre blanc. Nice... the sauce was terrific, the squid well cooked, though the sausage overwhelmed the delicate flavor of the squid. ($9)

          Next onto the duck rolls; the exterior was perfectly crunchy with a spicy, complex sauce; the duck was a bit meager, though still good flavor. ($8)

          On to the truffled gnocchi; a bit too chewy and with not much of a truffle flavor, an OK side - needs improvement for me to order again ($9.)

          Finally wrapped up with the caesar salad with white anchovy bruschetta ($11); the highlight of the night. Wonderfully light, fresh tasting anchovies with scrambled eggs atop a great crispy bread; unfortunately the dressing on the greens was a bit dull.

          All in all I will be going back as it was only their second night. Looking forward to having the short ribs and the walleye po'boy.

      2. What does anyone know about the sourcing at Blackbird? I am looking forward to checking out the new location (sadly we never made it to the old one), but it would be even better to know in advance whether I will be eating vegetarian there or not-- I don't eat factory-farmed meat.

        I looked on the website, but found just about nothing about sourcing. Usually that is a "bad" (for me) sign.... Does anyone have any info.?

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        1. re: mtullius

          From reading their website it sounds like they aren't being particularly careful about their sourcing, or if they are they aren't making it a priority to let us know. That's disappointing to me too. And surprising given that they are doing all-scratch food that appears to be rather creative. I'd say though, to call them and ask before writing them off. Not much for vegetarians on that menu either by the way.

          1. re: mtullius

            Not exactly sure what their specific sourcing is, but I do know they are featured as a coupon in Chinook Book (the former Blue Sky Guide). In order to be included in the book, restaurants have to follow certain sourcing / sustainability guidelines. So they at least meet those standards.

            1. re: morr0226

              the Chinook website says that restaurants have to fill out a survey......nothing more specific than that....Bad Waitress is in there which makes me think the parameters are kind of loose.

              1. re: faith

                Bad Waitress uses 1000 Hills Cattle beef and other locally sourced meats. Too bad their food is so terrible.

                1. re: churchka

                  yes, it takes talent to ruin good food.

            2. re: mtullius

              When in doubt - ask. The staff there is very nice and accommodating, and I'm sure they'd be happy to get you this info. (I suspect they do source locally/organically, but want to keep the menu as streamlined as possible, ie, devoid of lots of adjectives.)

              1. re: petergray

                it doesn't require lots of adjectives on each menu item, it could be accomplished with one statement that is very visible, about their vision/mission............they haven't bothered to do that.

                1. re: petergray

                  Oh, I will certainly ask. But as faith points out, in this day and age, it says something that they do not tell.

                  1. re: mtullius

                    did anyone else catch the interview on city pages' hot dish blog? it sounds like they do source locally/organically.


                      1. re: mtullius

                        Went there last Sunday for; and I don't say that often. Had the Eggs Benedict with spinach and veal sweetbreads. Fabulous. My SO had steak and eggs and it was served with grilled red onion and oven-dried tomatoes, and he had the wheat bread which is sourced from New French. Could not have been any better. Topped it off with great coffee and freshly squeezed OJ. Really a delight.

              2. Went last night and had the potstickers and peanut noodles with chicken. Both delicious (I so missed the peanut noodles). Husband had the tuna hot dish, which I thought was really good- he liked it also but I think he was expecting something a little different. Friend had the walleye sandwich, which was excellent.
                The space is nice and doesn't feel too new- they did a great job in that respect. More open than the old place.

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                1. re: meljohns

                  I like the profusion of mirrors and antlers. The food and drink and service were good as well.

                  1. re: JimGrinsfelder

                    This is my absolute favorite place for weekend brunch, hands down. The Veal Sweetbread Benedict served with sauteed spinach is amazing, and this past weekend's special of a duck tostada with a poached egg was crazy good, and the fact that it was only $9 was icing on the cake; I swear there was more than $9 worth of duck on it. Really wonderful food.