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Nov 8, 2010 09:59 AM

Broken Pot Handle

The handle on a couple pots have broke off. They are still good pots, so I don't want to buy new ones.

So where in LA can I find replacement handles. I don't care if the handles, don't match perfectly.

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  1. did the rivets break on the pots or were the pot handles welded on? the make or pictures of the pots/pans might help. you might get lucky by contacting the manufacturer and possibly having them warranty the items that broke.

    That's pretty crazy though, are they old pots and pans? i've never seen a handle break and I'm hoping you have pictures just so i can see it :)

    1. If you are unable to find replacement handles, you could try a "camping" store for a "pot grabber".

      1. To be of much help we could use the name, brand, and model. Are the handles broken or are they broken off at the mounting point to the pot? Are the handles metal or plastic? Many plastic handles, and I can't imagine a metal handle breaking, are available for a modest price (under $10) from the manufacturer. Old West Bend brands replacement parts are still available on line, for example.