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Nov 8, 2010 09:31 AM

Birthday dinner in Santa Monica

Hi everyone,
I'm looking for a restaurant to take my husband to for his birthday this coming Saturday night. After dinner, we will be heading to Harvelles (blues club), which is near the promenade. Here's the parameters:

1. Walking distance to Harvelle's.
2. After wine, entrees, etc, I'd like to pay a total of $100 or so for the two of us.
3. We're open to any types of food...though I'm not crazy for Persian food.


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  1. La Serenata di Girabaldi
    Border Grill
    Zenga (or any rooftop Santa Monica Place restaurant)
    Fraiche (may be higher than your budget)
    Sushi Roku
    ShangriLa Hotel

    All of these are good, all of them great for a birthday (each for different reasons), all walking distance (5 minutes) from Harvelle's.

    1. yogachik's list is solid considering your parameters...

      i can't believe i'm saying this because it's in the mall but zenga is good.

      fraiche can be done for under 100 if you're the type to split an app and each get your own entree.

      fig at the fairmont hotel is also surprisingly good considering it's in a hotel

      the bar on the top floor of the shangri la is great spot if you need to go somewhere after dinner and before harvelle's.

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