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Nov 8, 2010 09:25 AM

looking for good local food on Big Island:Kona side/Keauhou

DH and I are staying at the Sheraton Keauhou and Outrigger Keauhou this week and are looking for good, inexpensive/moderate local food around here. This is our first time to Big Island. We were at a wedding in Waikiki a few days ago and it was hectic, so we didn't get our saimin fix and haven't had enough spam musubi to justify the plane ticket yet : ). Going to Volcano and Hilo later this week and we have a whole list to get through there, including Cafe 100. But our BI friends didnt have any recs for us around this area. BTW, we are staying on this side because we're snorkeling addicts. But we are weeping at the thought of $14 cheeseburgers and $30 breakfast buffets for the rest of the week.

So until we get to Hilo...are we stuck with overpriced resort food?!? Looking for local food, Hawaiian (good poke and kahlua pork, please!), down-home Japanese and Korean, Filipino. Just to give you an idea of what we like, our favorite places in Hawaii include Hamura's Saimin (Kauai), Sensei Sushi (Maui), Oahu: Rainbow Drive In, Sidestreet Inn, Liliha Bakery, Giovanni's Shrimp Truck, Leonard's, Kamehameha Bakery, Poke Stop (Waipahu). Not at all interested in super high end, pizza, Mexican, Italian.

Please help, locals/those in the know! Mahalo!

Cafe 100
969 Kilauea Ave, Hilo, HI 96720

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  1. Well, I can relate to many of your favorites on the other Islands.....Hamura's, Leonard's , Sansei etc....
    I guess you can probably see that the Big Island does not have the abundant choices that Oahu does...sadly.
    There is a Sansei seafood location in the Waikoloa Beach Resort..north of you in South Kohala at the Queen's Marketplace.
    Manago Hotel in Captain Cook has some old style good basic offerings (Cheap). Delicious pork chops. Feels like you have stepped back in time...circa 1950's....
    BaLe in Kailua Kona town on Palani has good Pho.(Vietnamese cuisine
    )In Hilo...Nori's Saimin is closest to Hamura's .
    Pine Tree Cafe on the Hwy close to the Airport KOA..offers some good plate lunch choices ..which are popular with the locals.
    Hawaiian style cafe up in Waimea town serves up HUGE local style dishes..very popular/
    It is a BIG Island...and you will find yourself travelling a fair bit to sample many of the offerings.
    Jackie Rey's Ohana grille has good food...not that far from your Hotel.

    Manago Hotel
    Captain Cook, Kealakekua, HI 96750

    Pine Tree Cafe
    73-4040 Hulikoa Dr Ste 2, Kailua Kona, HI 96740

    1. Will be doing a full Big Island report soon (I leave tomorrow :( ) but in the meantime, I had some good Korean beef ribs at BaLe, on Palani Road, next to KTA.As I see easily amused mentions below, It is a small Vietnamese chain, but that particular one also has some Korean dishes and saimin, and a few local plate lunch items. My beef ribs came with rice and potato/mac salad (yum!) and really hit the spot. Also got a steamed bun filled with pork pate, carrots and hard boiled egg, very tasty.

      Also, I didn't stop, but when I was driving through the industrial area this am, I noticed a Korean/Asian Market that advertised it also had take out food. Across the street from Target. Definitely worth checking out

        1. sfkusinera: Can you post your list around the Volcano? We're going to the Big Island in December and also staying at the Sheraton...need some Volcano reqs when we go there for the day. We eat it all, and don't want any mainstream mexican/italian places either. Thanks!