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Nov 8, 2010 09:11 AM

Which Philly Chinatown Spot?

Myself and about 5 or 6 other guys will be making a trip down to Philly next week and we would like to try a Chinatown restaurant for lunch after seeing the Cleopatra exhibit at ther Franklin Inst.
Most of the guys are retired, so they are not looking for cutting edge Chinese cuisine. Can anyone reccommend a good buffet spot so that they can pick and choose what they want?

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  1. Jerseybill I dont know about buffet's in Chinatown, I'm not saying they dont exist, but I am hard pressed to come up with one. When you say cutting edge do you mean ultra-modern fusion type food or do you mean authentic chinese food. I think Philly chinatown has either americanized chinese food vs authentic chinese but not much in the way of cutting edge food.

    If your friends are slightly flexible in trying something a little different, that they really cant get in the burbs, I would recommend Sakura. It is a nice open space, it is really close to the convention center, their menu has photos of most of the dishes, the food is tasty and brightly flavored, not too greasy and not challenging.
    Sang Kee is another very good place for Cantonese food, not too challenging, very delicious.

    1. I second the recommendation of Sang Kee. They have great peking duck, and shrimp wonton soup is also really good. If you have 6 people you can order a variety of food. Anyplace in Chinatown will be better than a typical Chinese buffet place.

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        1. There really are NO stellar Chinese buffet options in CC. If you are at the Franklin Inst you might not want to go all the way to Han Dynasty, but if you do- that is a clean and friendly environment. The food is authentic and spicy, so look out.

          In Chinatown, I 2nd the Sakura recommendation bc it is also user friendly and clean.