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Nov 8, 2010 09:03 AM

Accompaniment to Duck Pate?

I've just made a mousse like duck pate --

and i was wondering what you guys think are the nicest accompaniments to pate (aside from bread/toast)? with country pate, i'd do cornichons and mustard. with this, i was thinking something sweeter...

any thoughts?

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  1. Mmm, maybe a shallot confit? (Lots of recipes online.) Or Trader Joe's sells these very lightly candied pecans that I like to combine with dried cranberries. That would be a tasty and seasonal accompaniment.

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    1. re: GretchenS

      shallot confit is a great idea for this pate! of course, now i'll have to make the pate again, since it was basically polished off yesterday... thanks, gretchen!

    2. I like to have a nutty cheese, one of the harder varieties. Along with the cornichons, serve the onions that come in the jar [if you have any.] Pickled onions with any pate is fabulous. Consider two mustard varieties: dijon and grain. And finally, if you are sitting with a plate and fork, not just nibbling, I love a lightly dressed mache salad.

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      1. re: smtucker

        i never think to have a hard cheese with a smooth pate -- very interesting! i was thinking of something a bit sweeter for this particular recipe.

        but with your suggestions, i think i might be off to put together a country pate this weekend!

      2. Cumberland Sauce is a traditional sweet acompaniment. Google provides lots of recipes.

        1. i'm thinking a cranberry conserve this time of year would be YUMBO. add some toasted walnuts for texture and savory flavor tie-in to the fatty duck.

          cumberland sauce is traditional for pate? i know it is for cold meats: as the texture would complement the chewy meat. alternatively, when i think of a silky pate, i want a little contrast in texture between the pate and the condiment, with -- as i suggested -- some cranberries and walnuts (or pistachios, or hazelnuts...) in a conserve.

          hey mac users, why isn't my circumflex short-cut working? option+I then the vowel, right?

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            option i is the circumflex. So, I can do û, for example. To get the accent on pate, you do é, option-e, then the letter. So that gives you paté. The umlat is option-u. If this isn't working on your keyboard, take a look at system preferences --> keyboard.

            1. re: smtucker

              pâté. ok, i tried that on my mac book pro and it didn't work for circumflex using the "i". on our big daddy mac, it works. maybe i needed more café?

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                pʼate. this is how it turns out on mac book pro. weird, huh?

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              alkapal, you sound sceptical. Google Pate and Cumberland Sauce and you will be amazed at all the entries. And I hate to say it but a pate is "cold meat".

              1. re: mexivilla

                really?!? pate is cold meat?

                er, no it ain't. it is a paste or grind of meat or fish or veg or fungi.

                the thrust of my comment was about purposefully contrasting the texture of a mousse-like pate with a condiment with pieces of fruit and nuts. i mean, don't you think this sauce linked here would be runny and not a great contrast?

            3. quince jelly is delicious with pate.

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              1. re: Glencora

                i did eat a couple of bites of the pate with some quince paste i have in the fridge. it was nice, but maybe a bit too stiff for the mousse...

                1. re: melissainbklyn

                  I did say quince jelly, not paste, but cherry compote is similar and I sure will be great.