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Nov 8, 2010 08:41 AM

Need Thanksgiving Dinner Recommendations in Lower Westchester.

Hi all! This year we have decided to go out to dinner for Thanksgiving and I was wondering if anyone here could possibly suggest some restaurants in lower westchester. I'm not even sure if every restaurant serves Thanksgiving Dinner as this is the first time we are going out for it. The only one I know of so far is Harvest on the Hudson.

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  1. Not sure what type of place you are loooking for, but being you mentioned harvest, I'm assuming a little upscale. Most steakhouses do a Thanksgiving special, but book soon as I'm sure they are somewhat short staffed. I know JJ Mannions in Yonkers is Open, BLT and Ruth Chris. I think Mulino's is open. If looking for less expensive places. I think in my neck of the woods, American Bistro, The Quarry and Stephen's Green are doing Thanksgiving specials. I know Mickey Spillane's and The Eastchester Inn are usually open, but not sure about their specials.