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Nov 8, 2010 08:38 AM

Current EMP Menu Grid/Wine Pairings?

Can anyone tell me the current "grid menu"/item list for EMP? I am going on Friday night, and would like to begin thinking about how awesome its going to be right now.

Also, how much are the wine pairings, and how many glasses will I get if I order the 4 course meal with pairings? 4 (one with each plated course), 5 (champagne with amuses, then 1 for each course), or other?

Thanks...I'll be sure to post a full report after I recover from dinner on Friday.

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  1. Here's the grid as of last Thursday:
    Persimmon - Tuna - Langoustine - Foie Gras
    Cauliflower - White Truffle - Halibut - Lobster
    Chicken - Pork - Venison - Beef
    Chevre - Vanilla - Apple - Chocolate

    Wine pairings are $95 or $110, says the menu. Can't say anything about them because my wife and I kept ourselves to a bottle of wine. I'd assume you're getting close to a full pour, give or take. White truffles were a $95 supplement.

    It was all amazing, but the foie-lobster-beef-chocolate options were our favorites, even if it's a little obvious that those would be the crowd-pleasers.

    The duck for two seems to be a mainstay, also. And next time, I have to make myself get that.

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    1. re: ejswanso

      Thanks for the info...

      I assume that duck for two would just replace the third item on the grid?

      1. re: doubledoc

        Yes, or you could have it as an extra course for an additional $30/person.

        1. re: Nancy S.

          Any chance you did the wine pairing, nancy? Is it just 1 glass/course?

          1. re: doubledoc

            Yes, we started with champagne, and then had one glass/course, including the pre-dessert. It elevated the experience.

      2. re: ejswanso

        How often does their menu change? It used to only changes 4 times a year with the seasons. Seems like it changes more now with the new format?

        1. re: steakrules85

          It is my understanding that now changes are made to certain courses based on what is fresh in the market.

      3. Went to EMP earlier this year, prior to their change in philosophy. Ordered 4 individual glasses of wine (2 each, for DW and self) and thought the poors were a little stingy.....

        1. Wife and I went Friday night for dinner.

          It was my birthday, and there was an envelope on the table wishing me a wonderful birthday from the EMP staff...classy touch, and way over the top.

          For dinner, we had the 4 course fixed with wine pairings.

          As far as I can remember, the menu was:

          Scallop/Fennel/Langostine/Foie Gras
          Lobster/John Dory/White Truffle/Cauliflower

          We started off with the enhanced canape service and were served a dry sherry to accompany our:
          1. chicken veloute with garlic chive toast
          2. Goat Cheese Lollipop with beet marshmellows

          Next was a saki with our raw fish course of: clams and hamachi

          Wife had the scallop and I had the langoustine. Scallop was the clear winner here, beautiful citrus notes and really nice presentation. Langoustine was good, but not great. She was served a reisling, and I had a glass of G.V.

          Next up was the john dory (grand cru burgandy white) for me (really nice course), and wife had the lobster with a 1st grown chablis. Both of these were great, but lobster was better

          Following this we entered the hot entree. I had the venison, which was excellently prepared and was served with a 2005 Cote Roti, which was nice. Wife had the chicken, which was the best chicken I have ever had in my life. She got this with an 03 grand cru burgandy red. Simply the best pinot i have ever smelled like a cigar box. amazing.

          Glass of red bubbly with the kir royale palete clenser...and then glasses of dessert wine with the coconut (ok) and chocolate (great).

          After dessert, we were brought into the kitchen and were made a liquid nitro cocktail and hung out. Following this, we were brought to the front of the restaurant, where we were served our petit fours (the white chocolate and white truffle chocolate truffle was omg so good) and complementary cognac.

          Not a cheap meal at ~300pp after tax and tip, but a great experience nonetheless.

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          1. re: doubledoc

            Thanks for reporting back doubledoc. Can you recall what the preparation of each of the courses was?