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Nov 8, 2010 07:36 AM

Kosher Wedding in NYC/NJ/PA


I am planning a kosher wedding for next fall. I am flexible on area, looking in and around Philly, NYC, and NJ. I am on a budget and do not want to spend more that $130pp all in. This range is fine for a synagogue wedding, but I am hoping for a venue that at least has a little bit of a wow factor. So far the only place I have been able to find that is somewhat reasonable once you add kosher is The College of Physicians in Philly. I am going to have between 175-225 people.

ANY suggestions would be MUCH appreciated as I need to make a decision soon!!!

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  1. It's not open yet, but I would look at the new National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia. A brand new museum should have the "wow" you're looking for, and assuming they have an in house kosher caterer, they should be more reasonable than a museum/hotel where you will pay the standard caterer and the kosher caterer.

    Another Philadelphia option I would suggest is the Franklin Institute. They have Frog Commissary in house, and Frog has a kosher subdivision, Noah's Kitchen, that is able to cater at there.

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      So funny.. I have been in touch with NMAJH... I agree, it could be such a cool place to do it. Right now they are working on getting their prices in order, so they are not totally organized yet, but I am holding out hope that they will get it together soon enough that they can be an option.

      Thanks so much for the tips!! Please keep them coming!!

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        Presumably you've already searched this forum -- there are a number of threads on this topic. I know that the NY Hall of Science in Queens rents out their space, but when I looked (for our wedding this coming Spring) it was out of my price range.

    2. Maybe the Please Touch Me Museum in Philadelphia.
      JRA, a Chabad affiliated food bank/meals on wheels, is hosting their annual dinner/reception there. Or the Kimmel Center in downtown Philadelphia. Definitely a wow. It might be a bit out of your budget. Both places Max and Davids have catered at.

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        So off thread, and I've made the mistake many times myself.

        It is the Please Touch Museum (no 'Me'). If you are into whimisical is it an option.

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