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Nov 8, 2010 06:54 AM

Miyake with someone who doesn't eat raw fish

A few of us are considering a special dinner out and would love to try Miyake - we've been to the noodle bar and LOVE it. However, one of the birthday boys does not eat raw fish, and in fact is allergic to shellfish. Is there enough other stuff on the menu to make this worth the trip for him? Or should we hit one of our other favorites (Bresca, Caiola's, etc.) and save Miyake for another time?

58 Pine St, Portland, ME 04102

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  1. I would love to hear what you ended up eating, I don't eat very much raw fish and would like to take my husband to eat here as sushi is his fav!

    1. Go for it! I am no vegetarian so I can't speak from personal experience, but my best friend is a vegetarian and has loved the vegetarian 3 course tasting menu. I've also had other non-fish items on the menu like pork belly and loved them--

      1. We've gone there a couple of times, and loved it. My husband does not eat raw fish, but did find some items to order. They didn't have many veggies on menu when we were there (more than a yr ago), had not heard of the 3 course vegetarian tasting menu. Altho they are the best sushi in Portland, IMHO, I do miss the grilled veggies from Yosakus!

        1. We had a fabulous meal at Miyake last Saturday, and my non-fish-eating brother-in-law was thrilled with the food. The other three of us ordered the five-course omakase (chef's tasting menu), which was outstanding. Highlights included the first course of sashimi, including lobster with garlic oil, salmon and a few other pieces, all of which were delicious. Another course involved both cod and cod sperm, which was insanely delicious. Somewhere along the line we had gyoza with foie gras and duck... it was just an incredible meal.

          As for my brother-in-law: he ordered the 3-course vegetarian tasting menu, plus the gyoza and another pork item that I can't recall. Joe Ricchio of Portland Food Coma was our server, and he thought this order was pretty entertaining - but he also took care to let the kitchen know about my BIL's shellfish allergy.

          The only - incredibly minor - drawback to this setup was that my BIL's dishes came out at a staggered pace, after the rest of us had finished the same course. It all worked out just fine, and we drank plenty of wine while we took turns eating, but if you are fussy about everyone eating at the same time, this likely isn't for you.