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Nov 8, 2010 05:51 AM

Any danger from checkout scanners?

New one on me: a guest on the Ellen show mentioned once working the registers at Whole Foods. Some people don't want their food exposed to the rays of the automatic price scanners and demand that the clerk manually input the skews. I hope I'm never in a line behind one of these folks, who would be at risk of a thumping, Have you ever experienced this, or heard of any legitimate concerns re scanner safety?

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  1. They must also subject themselves to the physical pat down at the airport.

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    1. You don't want the laser to go in your eye, but it doesn't do any damage to anything that you're buying (nor to your hand, your leg, your ear, the floor, the belt, etc)

      1. I think the danger (read beating) would be to the person demanding that the cashier manually punch in the prices.

        1. These are the people afraid of getting hit by a meteorite on their way back to the car and so they wear hats.

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          1. I hope these people have thrown away their brain cancer-causing cell phones. You can't be too careful.

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