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Nov 8, 2010 05:31 AM

Kosher in Atlanta

I will be spending a long weekend in Atlanta. I will be staying downtown, but will have a car. What are the best place or places to go out for dinner? to purchase food to take back to my hotel for shabbat? According to the local area websites, there are a number of supermarkets that sell kosher food - any advice about which one I should go to? Which has the best selection of food?

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  1. I'm sure Rabbi Starr of YI of Toto Hills will know all the answers: 404 315-1417

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      Toto Hills? Is that in Kansas? You'll get better results if you look for Toco Hills.

      1. re: zsero

        I never was good in typing :)

    2. Taco Hills is section of Atlanta - There is a Publix and Kroger grocery stores with extensive kosher food sections including prepared foods - - in the Krogers is one of my favorite kosher chinese places - but be aware it is only carry out.

      Also check - many of the reviews are updated and current

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        Good grief. First Toto Hills, and now Taco Hills. Don't post while hungry :-)

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          you can tell we are not natives -

      2. I believe there's a BBQ joint in Atlanta. They are probably not open all the time, because I think they're an offshoot of a catering operation, but I would bet arrangements can be made. I heard they are authentic, meaning wood smoked. Just wish I had the info to provide you. If I were going to Atlanta, that's te first thing I would find out about.

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          is this the place you are talking about -

          It looks good and I now want to go to Atlanta