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Nov 8, 2010 02:16 AM

10th Arrondissement-Sat in Dec-lunch or dinner options?

We will overnight on Sat in early Dec in small hotel near Gare d'Est and Nord (excuse lack of French spelling and knowledge of what is where-first time in Paris). We will probably be in Louve at lunchtime which sounds like the time to eat main meal for less but we are arriving that am and may not be hungry until evening. Would we need to get a reservation even for a small restaurant in that area and does any chowhound have recommendations in that area (or in a walk from there)? Is dinner early or late in Paris?

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  1. Did you find nothing you liked in your search on the boards? If you tell us what you did not like about those recs, maybe we have the start of a start to know how to help you.
    Reservation yes.
    Dinner early or late? earliest from 7:30pm

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      I did not do an exhaustive search or reading since many sounded like they were not anywhere near where we will be. We want a neighborhood restaurant that is not too pricey but not rock bottom either-I saw a whole range of prices in the reviews I did read for a meal with a few courses (and of course house or other wine). Also many of the reviews and some other stuff I read indicated that lunch is the bigger meal, so I wonder what to expect in a local neighborhood type restaurant. We were in Barcelona a few weeks ago and paid around 35 Euros total for a light dinner (7:30 which we have in mind for Paris is pretty early there and maybe in Paris as well) with wine and beer. I would expect we might have to pay 50 or double in Paris but am not sure. I always like the chowhound recs but Paris is confusing me because I am not sure what other parts are near where we are staying in the 10th. We chose this area because it was a bit cheaper but even more so we could experience something that was a little less touristy so a restaurant not filled exclusively with tourists might be nice (although our choice in Barcelona was full of tourists from many countries who wanted to eat earlier).

      1. re: tvmovielover

        There are many recs on the 10th, the 9th, the 4th, all price ranges and culinary styles, all near you.

        1. re: Parigi

          Maybe La Vigne St Laurent near the Gare de l'Est is what you're after, or La Verre Volé nearby on the Canal St Martin. Both "French", both in your price range, both in the 10th near where you are staying, both previously written up on these boards.

        2. re: tvmovielover

          tvml: pretty much only american tourists eat early (in the places where dinner is served before 8 pm). you may have a better time and reception eating later. And Yes, you will need a reservation. If you decide against a place, you can always cancel the reservation.

          1. re: tvmovielover

            Sorry to be difficult but which descriptions of what restos do you like and not like; our preferences on this site (and our blogs) are pretty clearly stated.

        3. Thanks all for giving me a better idea of what arondissements are near and some restaurants that are near, I will look up the areas and specific restaurants mentioned and try to hold out for a later dinner (it is not that we never ate late-we lived in Latin America for many years but we do not do it much now).