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Nov 7, 2010 08:08 PM

where to buy italian white truffles in philadelphia

Hi, does anyone know where to get italian white truffles? I want to try cooking with the white variety, never done it before. I saw some at Mario Battaly's Eataly in NYC a few days ago but because of lack of refrigeration and i couldn't make it back before closing time to rush it back home to Philly. Anyway, I checked dibruno's and Iovine's at Reading Terminal Market and they didn't have any truffles, black or white. If anyone knows of a source in Philly for italian whites, please please please let me know thanks!

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  1. A real problem, are we living in the boonies?? I was searching for fresh porcinis a few weeks ago and could not find them. I saw beautiful poricinis at Eataly and could not bring them back because the weather, at that time, was too hot. So, I will be looking forward to reading the reply from anyone that answers your question.

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      Editing my post, I had some bad info in there. I do think I saw fresh porcinis at the mushroom guy at the Headhouse Square market.

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        Call to confirm, but I think I saw porcinis at Iovine's yesterday, they had that and those blue foot mushrooms, the chantrelles and a couple others.

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          No, in the boonies you caan go in the woods and pick them yourself. I've been doing it for decades. Perhaps you are living in an urban wasteland instead? porcinis that is.

        2. I know DiBruno's had black truffles last week. Haven't seen white ones yet. They aren't so delicate that you need to worry about keeping them refrigerated. They can last quite a while just fine out of the fridge.

          1. You might try calling Vetri to see if they can help you out. I don't know how many you're looking for, but many times I find it easier to talk to an actual kitchen. They may even have an explanation as to why you can't find them.

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              Thanks for the tip, I'll try Vetri, I'm looking for just 1 small piece, I'm afraid I won't have the time to use it all before it goes bad.

            2. Most restaurants get specialty products like white truffles from specialty food distributors. Specialty food distributors pay about $900/lb for white truffles and then add a significant margin to that before selling to restaurants. If you find a restaurant that is willing to sell one to you, then they will add a margin as well. You will likely end up spending about $300 for one, decent-sized truffle. Just FYI.

              1. Same here. If someone know where I can purchase WHITE truffles, let us know, please.

                Also if you know any reutaurant which serves white truffle dish, please upload information.

                Thank you in advance.

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                  As of a week or so ago, Laurel was serving a white truffle risotto, for a surcharge, naturally.

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                    DiBruno's posted the other day that they had white truffles at Rittenhouse and Ardmore