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Nov 7, 2010 06:40 PM

Sunny Shanghai specials menu

Hello Chowhound folk,

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to do some translation of the specials menu at Sunny Shanghai in San Bruno. They have 2 white boards of specials. I asked the woman and she says they are for the most part different from the printed menu, but i've seen a review saying this is not the case.
Or maybe if someone just has recommendations off of the specials.
(much more interested in the 1st menu)

I really enjoyed this restaurant and am excited about some of the more uncommon items.
They also have one of the better versions of Kau Fu i've had around here. The 2 Balboa shanghai places don't serve it to my chagrin.

thank you!!!

Sunny Shanghai
189 El Camino Real, San Bruno, CA 94066

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  1. I just remembered that chowhounds shrinks pictures so this is probably too small.
    Here they are bigger,

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    1. re: kairo

      the 2nd one is easier, don't have time to translate lst one.
      sweet soy milk 1.50 shanghai (?)chow mein 5.95
      salty soy milk 1.75 ? (meat) big won ton 4.95
      fan ? shanghai small won ton 3.95
      yiao tiao (fried donut) 2 veggie won ton 3.50
      xlb 4.95 shanghai egg roll 4.25
      shan jian bao black bean( ?) pancake 3.95
      potsticker 4.95 shrimp won ton 5.95
      green onion pancake 2.95 kambocha (squash)pancake 3.50
      pork w/black fungus 4.95 black bean (?) pancake 3.50
      spicy stomach? strips 5.50 (not in order listed)
      radish strips pancake 3.50
      ? fish 5.95

      hope this helps. lst list is entrees...