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Nov 7, 2010 06:22 PM

Bay Scallops

It's bay scallop season in the northeastern USA. So recipes and wine pairings would be greatly appreciated. Friday is coming soon!

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  1. for the scallops:

    once you've decided on recipes, you can post a request for pairing suggestions on the Wine board.

    1. I love, love, love them, and use them in a lot of recipes, but the best thing to do when they're good and fresh is a super-fast saute in butter with a huge squeeze of lemon at the end. Keep them barely cooked so they are tender.

      I also came up with a pasta dish when snowed in once and making a meal out of the freezer. I cut up raw bacon and cooked it, then set it aside and crumbled. Then I added about two large diced onions and cooked them slowly in the bacon fat with a little butter until they got super-soft. I then added white wine and chicken broth and cooked it until it thickened a litt. At this point, I have added sage, but didn't have it the first time. Stir in the scallops so they can just cook in the sauce, then toss with pasta and a quick splash of cream, then add the bacon crumbles on top. So good.

      Last, I like to mush up scallops and make scallop cakes out of them.