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Nov 7, 2010 05:09 PM

Vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Buenos Aires?

I will be travelling to Buenos Aires in early December with a couple of vegetarians. Any suggestions for veggie-friendly options in this reputedly meat-heavy city?

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    I have never been here, but I've walked by it many times. It is in San Telmo, a few blocks from Plaza Dorrego.

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      Thank you!!! This turned out to be one of our favorite restaurants while we were there--well-priced casual cafe that was a welcome respite from the plethora of parrillas that the vegetarians wouldn't enter. The eggplant parmigiana was especially delicious.

      1. re: ajwoo

        Glad you liked it. I am tempted to go now. Did you note how their wine selection was?

        1. re: lmnopm

          Sorry, didn't actually indulge in wine during our visits there but seem to recall a fairly small selection of organic bevvies. But definitely try out this place, not super-fancy, just a nice little place for a laid-back meal.

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            I went a couple days ago. The vegetarian in the "party of 2" loved it, and I thought it was decent. I'd not hesitate to return.

    2. I've been to Siempre Verde in Barrio Chino several times and enjoyed it.

      More suggestions here:

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          This was a fantastic site and a great resource! My veggie friend was very happy to discover it and she is still using it.

        2. Sorry I'm late with this, but for future reference there's a large buffet restaurant that is completely vegetarian and moderately priced. It's called Granix:

          It's run by Seventh Day Adventists. It's on Florida but it's upstairs:
          Florida 165 1° Piso – Galería Güemes
          Ciudad de Buenos Aires
          Tel: (011) 4343-4020

          (Primer piso means "second floor")

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            This place was not bad, but we actually found it quite expensive compared to most of the other restaurants, and the buffet itself, while very large, was very bland and many of the dishes tasted the same. I know the Argentinean tends towards the blander side anyway so I suppose that's just how the clientele likes it. If I were to go again, I'd choose the weigh-and-pay option, not the full buffet. Thank you for the recommendation, though! I'm always happy to try different places!

          2. Artemisia was a PERFECT antidote to 2 weeks of too much meat. Located in Palermo. REALLY good stir fry, appetizers, etc.


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              Sadly, we didn't manage to get into Artemisia--we did try, but it was unfortunately too early for the BA folks and their later-night dining habits. We were too hungry to wait so we went elsewhere. :(