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Nov 7, 2010 03:20 PM

Le Creuset at Home Sense & Winners

This week I have seen pieces of le Creuset on sale at Winners at College Park and at Home Sense.
I have seen mostly Red at Winners. They had about 20 pieces when I was there on Thursday.
The "26" 5.4 quart round oven for $169. Also some yellow oval ovens and a nice blue #30 3.5 Quart braiser for $199.
At Home Sense I saw the same size braiser in red for $169. Also blue, yellow and red pieces.
I heard LeCreuset is discontinuing the Carribean colour and Kiwi. Anyone seen these colours on sale any where in Toronto?

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  1. Try Home Outfitters but they ain't on sale. BTW, these Creuset deals at Winners and Home Sense stores seem to be downtown-specific. Their western GTA stores never seem to carry them, opting instead for some pretty schlocky inventory that collects dust.

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    1. re: Kagemusha

      Not true - I've seen quite a bit of Le Crueset recently at the location across from Sherway Gardens.

    2. The deals at Winners for Le Creuset are good, but if you ever find your way to a Le Crueset Outlet in the States - watch out! I picked up a 5.5 qt braiser in red for $65.00. There was a little 'bump' under the enamel, but nothing that will affect the use of the pot.

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      1. re: BequiaT

        Right. I'm not left breathless by the Winners/Home Sense prices. I passed on some last year that were scratched and chipped. Not a fan of the store. Got some nice closeout Lagostina French-made enameled ovens from Sears for $100 and under several years ago before the line shifted to Chinese made. They were ringers for Staub ware. Keep hoping Costco will rerun their killer Staub set deals.

      2. I saw a piece in winners, also in the $160 range, however there was a sticker on it that said "seconds" which explains the price differential. I quickly checked it out, other than some scratches I didn't notice anything wrong with it. I didn't have time to look at it carefully but I wanted to see how well the lid fit. I don't care about scratches but I would want to make sure the lid fit properly and the base wasn't warped in any way.

        1. Kagemusha, I have purchased several Le Crueset items from the Winners at Dundas and Winston Churchill. It is hit and miss as to whether they have any in stock, but it does travel as far as Mississauga!

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          1. re: donelikedinner

            Lucky you. Both it and HomeSense stores I've been in look like garage sales. Not worth the bother.

          2. I actually found a lovely blue Le Crueset pot at the Homesense in Cambridge. I little scratch on the lid, but I can live with that.