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Nov 7, 2010 02:35 PM

delorenzos in trenton

heading to trenton on saturday,
which delorenzos should i hit up.
i heard good things about both.

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  1. All are good, we have a preference for the one in Robbinsville as its BYO We were there yesterday. The most important thing about going to Delorenzo's is the TIMING.
    Went to a sporting event in the afternoon. Got to Delorenzo's at 4:20, they open at 4:00. 35 minute wait and the place was only open 20 minutes!!

    When we left at about 6:00 we had trouble getting through people waiting to be seated. At least a 90 minute wait, maybe two hours and the Robbinsville site is not small.

    Oh, and the salad with mixed greens, pears, gorganzola, pecans, balsamic vinaigrette and the sausage pie was as awesome as ever!!

    1. Of the two that are actually in the Chambersburg neighborhood of Trenton the one on Hudson street (parent of the one in Robbinsville) is superior to the one on Hamilton. Be warned it has no bathroom and is cash only but is more than worth the inconvenience.

      1. In Trenton, Hudson Street hands down. I much prefer Hudson Street to Hamilton Avenue. Better crust, better peppers, better sausage.

        Like tom246, we frequent Robbinsville the most. We tried to go on Friday night and the wait was 90 minutes, and we counted almost 50 people waiting. That said, we went down the road to Ploy Siam, which was a big mistake, but that's another story on our blog.

        Believe it or not, we ended the night at Pizza Hut so I could satisfy my twice a year stuffed crust craving! It was a wacky on our blog. -mJ

        1. All three are BYOB. Word to the wise if you go on a Friday or Saturday night, send someone from your party about 20-30 minutes early to put your name on the list for a table.

          1. I enjoyed both places, but I would have to give the edge to Hudson Street. My only complaints are when I went, I ordered three pies to go. I had waited an hour for them to open, then an additional 45 minutes for them to prepare the pies. I ordered a plain, sausage and clam. Apparently, they had run out of sausage and were a bit too skimpy with what was put on the pie, stretching it too far to be called a sausage pie . The clams are also canned and not fresh shucked chopped, like at Frank Pepe.

            With regards to the sausage....I watched them make the pies. After my pies were in the oven, an employee came a few minutes later with a fresh batch of topping in a plastic bag. They should have either put what limited sausage they had on half the pie and charged me accordingly, or waited for the replenishment to arrive. When they cut the pie in section/slices, there were only two or three crumbles per slice. Not good from a quality and value standpoint......but the sausage was quality made. The next pie the pizza chef made had larger chunks and was definitely more abundant.