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Nov 7, 2010 02:17 PM

Who sells coconut milk in cartons

i see online a company called aroy d makes it. Has anyone seen it around la? U want to avoid the bpa chemicals in cans. I want the type for curry.

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  1. I saw it recently at either Rosemead or 168 Supermarket, I think..........

    1. I've purchased it at Ranch 99 (Monterey Park), but it was called Coconut Cream. Pretty much the same as milk, but thicker.

      1. I buy Kara brand boxed cocnut milk and cream from 99 Ranch or SG Superstore. The coconut milk comes in a 2 pack, and the coconut cream comes in single units, but comes in a small and a large size box. I think the Kara products and much better than the other brands -- they taste fresher.