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Nov 7, 2010 11:24 AM

DOLCEAMORE restaurant

Arrived 7 pm and was seated very nice unprtentious decor--the chel Giuliano came out of the kitchen to inform us what the special dishes were that evening. My friend and i bboth love pasta carbonara and when asked about us he said it wasnt on the menu that evening but he would be happy to make it for us.This place has some of the best italian food ive ever eaten and i have been in all 50 states lived in nyc and san francisco so i think i know italian food-The clams and muscle platter is not to be missed--not a grain of sand and loaded with garlic red peppers italian parsleydiced tomato and lots of love. The place is 3 blocks off of atlantc has plenty of parking as it is quiet there and not to be missed.Their prices are very fair and the portions were quite generous.This food is better than your grandmother made and Dolce Amore is a local treasure. I RATE THE PLACE 5 STARS-------just go marky123

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  1. is this in Delray Beach?

    I think that's the restaurant you have reviewed - I have been a couple times, nice food, breakfasts not bad but their coffee sucks.

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      yes delray beach--pineapple grove 3 blocks up from atlantic ave---