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Nov 7, 2010 11:21 AM

mashed potatoes from frozen hash browns?

Has anyone ever made mashed potatoes from frozen hash browns? I hate peeling the potatoes, but still want a homemade texture.

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  1. Are you trying to use up frozen hash brown potatoes?
    Just use cut up unpeeled new potatoes, boil and mash.

    1. who says ya have to peel them??

      the best mashed potatoes still have the skins!!

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      1. re: mattstolz

        I haven't peeled potatoes for mashed in years. I hate peeling them also. I don't think I'd use frozen hash browns for mashed, though; I don't think you'd be able to achieve a smooth mashed texture with a grated and partially fried potato product. I'd save the hash browns for their original purpose.

        If the OP doesn't want potato skins in his/her mashed, and absolutely won't peel them, frozen potatoes ready to steam and mash are available in supermarkets. Otherwise, just heed the advice of the other posters, cut up unpeeled potatoes, boil and mash.

      2. If you want less fuss peeling them, but don't like skins in the mash, then boil them with skins on and let them cool for a few minutes. Stab a piece with a fork and pull the skins off with a paring knife -- they'll slip right off.