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Nov 7, 2010 10:45 AM

Sunday-Tuesday Dinner and Lunch in Nice and Cannes in November


Heading to Nice and Cannes next week and would like comments and further recommendations. Travelling with two friends and we will be running the marathon on Sunday morning from Nice to Cannes. Hence we will be looking to have an early relatively bland pasta meal Saturday evening. Not expecting too much feedback on such a request :-)

However, from Sunday evening until Tuesday we will be in the mood for celebrating with good food. Having done some research it appears that both Tétou in Golfe Juan and Bacon on the Cap d'Antibes are closed for the season. Can someone confirm or clarify this?

Millesime 82 and Flaveur seem to be the board favourites in Nice but they are closed on Sunday and Monday, leaving only room for one of them (dinner on Tuesday) as I think a big lunch and dinner on the same day can be too much...

As Keisuke Matsushima is open on Monday it is a possibility even though the reviews on here are mixed; still it appears good value but I am unsure whether there is both a EUR 35 and 60 menu for dinner?

Le Salon des Indépendants is rated the top restaurant in Cannes on tripadvisor, but searching here reveals nothing. Anyone know if it is worth a visit? The other restaurants in Cannes mentioned on this board (Felix, La Potinière du Palais, La Palme d'Or) are closed on Sunday as far as I can tell.


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  1. It is normal for Tétou and Bacon to close in November until the holidays.

    Keisuke Matsushima is always a good value. Your other good Monday evening possibility in Nice is Luc Salsedo.

    Near Cannes you should try Bruno Oger's new place in Le Cannet. The Bistro des Anges is open every day. The more upscale Villa Archange is closed Sunday and Monday.

    Good luck in the Marathon; it is a picturesque course if the weather cooperates. You'll run right in front of Tétou.

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      Thanks for that, Le Bistrot des Anges looks like a good choice for us, will check it out.
      We now have reservations for both Keisuke Matsushima and Millesime 82, looking forward to it.

      Yep, hoping for some decent weather (and tailwind!) on the Sunday :-)