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Nov 7, 2010 10:24 AM

Recipe with egg nog as an ingredient?

Help! I thought I purchased buttermilk at the store yesterday but when I got home I realized that I picked up egg nog instead. I do not like store bought egg nog at all. Any ideas on a recipe that would use up the egg nog?

I was thinking about making french toast and using the egg nog in place of the milk.

Hopefully someone will have some more ideas.

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  1. If nothing else, same idea, different take:
    Gread pudding.
    At the heart of it, bread pudding is similar to a baked large scale french toast.

    1. It's just eggs, cream/milk, sugar and (maybe) nutmeg for the most part so anything that would use those ingredients would work--bread pudding, tiramisu, trifle. I'll bet you can even find cakes and cookies with eggnog as a base.

      Yep, here you go:

      1. I use egg nog instead of evaporated milk when I make pumpkin pie.

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          Eggnog Custard pie that you sport up with a little hard brown likker and nutmeg. Everything tastes better with hard brown likker. But don't put bacon in this.

        2. We always put it in coffee when I was at home. Bread pudding and french toast are both good ideas. You could use it in any quick bread -- I think it'd be nice in pumpkin bread for sure. Or in pancakes or waffles. How about in place of milk in spice cake or carrot cake? Or -- crazy idea -- egg nog panna cotta?

          1. Cheesecake is delicious with egg nog in it. I think I just added a cup or so to my regular batter.