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Nov 7, 2010 09:21 AM


I'm looking for bangers in PDX. I know about Otto's and I find them deLIcious, but I'm up in the N/NE now and wouldn't mind not having to drive into the SE for them. As an addendum, being able to find DECAF PG tips would be awesome as well. Suggestions?

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  1. Fats on Killingsworth and 33 has bangers. They are closing soon though.

    1. Tails & Trotters makes bangers. A banger-loving friend of mine loves them. Not sure ho to get them now - they were selling them at the farmers' markets, so contact them to find out:

      1. I'm not really sure what is "banger-ish" about the bangers at Ottos. They are course-ground, which is one key to a banger, and they have no breadcrumbs, which is another. They are pretty good, but nothing like any English banger that I every had.

        When we lived on the West Side, we used to get some pretty good ones from Lamb's Thriftway. I can't remember the brand.

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          Sheridan Fruit Company and has them. They make several varieties although I am not sure these are their own. They are not Newmarket, but very tasty nonetheless.