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Restaurants open for Thanksgiving?

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Looking for a Seattle restaurant for 6-8 adults for Thanksgiving dinner. Ideally, we could find a prix fixe smaller place serving family style platters (kinda' like Dinette, or Corson Buiding). Traditional Thanksgiving food is not necessary, we're open to options. Thanks in advance.

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  1. The Seattle Met Blog has a nice listing of who is open and what they are offering

    The Georgian is good if you are looking for upscale and has a nice mix of plated (individual not family style) and buffet, but is expensive. Worth it if you like that kind of thing though. Ray's Boathouse and Cafe offer dinners - a buffet upstairs in the Cafe that is good, but chaotic and a plated choice downstairs in the Boathouse.

    Copperleaf is also a great new place and is doing a Thanksgiving dinner. http://www.cedarbrooklodge.com/nouris...

    This earlier post on the topic also has some good ideas

    Ray's Boathouse Restaurant
    6049 Seaview Ave., Seattle, WA 98107

    Copperleaf Restaurant
    18525 36th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98188

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      You can forget Copperleaf. I called three times for a reservation, and they never called back. Online reservation system says "system down." So just imagine what the rest of their service must be like. Going to Ponti instead.

      Copperleaf Restaurant
      18525 36th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98188

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        JackNH, Ponti has recently rehired their original head chef and is on top of their game again. Service is very professional as well. (Much of Belltown could learn from Ponti.)

    2. What about good places open for TG that AREN'T doing special TG meals? Since my wife and I are stuck away from home, we'd love to go out for a very good meal, but I'm not sold on the once-a-year TG price fix meals that pop up everywhere. Any ideas?

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        At most/all of the places mentioned here and in similar threads, the traditional Thanksgiving spread is one of several options. I don't think I came across any place offering just turkey and stuffing.

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          Tonight we saw an oddball. A Thanksgiving Day menu at Smokin' Pete's BBQ