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Nov 7, 2010 08:12 AM

40th Birthday Party

December 31, 2010, I am having my 40th Birthday Party. It is at a Hotel. I have invited 80 guests. The attire is formal. My guest is wearing black and I am wearing red. My theme is cocktails. My centerpieces are made up of different cocktail glasses. My questions are, what tables do I use and how many? I want my guests to mingle. I am serving finger foods and it will be set up buffet style. I have a DJ and I want people to have fun! Should I sit up a large banquet table in the middle for my table?

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  1. What type of food are you serving? Are you having music? When you say your theme is cocktails what does that mean? A throwback to the cocktail parties of the 50's or do you have one specific signature cocktail that you'll be serving or some other variation?
    Having several food tables set up in various out lying areas of the room allows people to go to each table and mingle in between.Each food table would have a specific food , guests would have to go to each food table. You could have tables which are higher and allow people to stand while eating finger food, set up in the middle of the room. Have several smaller grouping of chairs and or love seats , couches around smaller cocktail like tables set up around the room would allow people to sit and talk while eating.

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        Could you answer some or all of the questions that Living4fun asked?

    1. If you can have a few waiters circulate with some of the finger foods that will also encourage guests to mingle. Otherwise, guests may just plunk themselves next to the buffet table and not move.