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Nov 7, 2010 06:22 AM

Japanese Restaurant Association Dinner Event

we are looking forward to it, but are not entirely certain what to expect, as this is our first year attending this event (I was not even aware of it before). Anyone else going/know what awaits us with any detail?

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  1. To provide an answer to myself: This was mainly a Turbo-Toro event (which was just fine by me). The presentation and butchering of the Blue Fin Tuna (a rather majestic creature) kicked off the serious part of the dinner.

    Dinner was served at different food booths, where you had to stand in relatively long and at times confusingly oriented lines to get whatever was on the offer at the moment you arrived at the booth. I think Zen had the longest lines.

    I had A LOT of Toro nigiri and sashimi by Kaji, Zen, and Hiro. There was also a variety of Wagyu and other meat dishes, as well as other fruits of the sea. I sampled everything, but my focus was on the Toro.

    Also won a door prize at the end...

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      Worth going again if the opportunity presented itself?

      nosy question: what'd you win!?

      1. re: jlunar

        just for the price we paid being applied directly to the food and drinks we consumed, I cannot say it was overpriced. also, the Toro show was really cool, and the whole night was an interesting experience.

        I might however hesitate to go back, because personally I prefer a sit down meal being served to me at a private table(or one where there is sufficient distance between your plates and the total stranger sitting next to you). what we got was seats at a rather overcrowded shared table, and of course we had to repeatedly go stand in different lines to get our food, so this was not ideal for me. if you dont mind the format, I would give it a try.

        There were a variety of prizes: bags of specialty rice, bottles of sake, boxes of seaweed (for real!!), 25 lbs of snow crab!!, two pieces of smoked salmon!!, and restaurant gift cards

    2. Nice! I will keep my eye on this for next year!