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Crush Pizzeria, Nashua?

I randomly came across this Twitter page in a search for something else. I tried searching for some info about this pizzeria without much luck. I found their temporary website with only a little blurb about them being an "Authentic Neopolitan (sic)" Pizzeria. It also says they are set to open 12.1.2010. A lot of you probably already know how I feel about pizza, so any glimmer of hope about it gets me really excited. The few descriptions do seem promising, but I won't believe anything till I get to see it in person.

So, anyone know anything about this place? Location? Etc, etc???

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  1. I read about them in The Hippo. All they gave was the web page but the only info I've found out so far is it's going to be on Amherst St.

    1. OMG I hope this place is good! We sooooo need a good pizza joint in town. Please, please, please let it not suck.

      1. It'll be where Quiznos used to be at 449 Amherst...across from Country Tavern.

        1. Also found out they are hoping to open in January...they are importing the oven from Italy and it's not here yet.

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            Ok, wow, this is all quite interesting....personally, the location is great for me (coming from the west on 101) but, those small strip malls all seem to be tough locations on 101. Also interesting that they will be located so close to Bertucci's. Now, from the small bits of info we have it certainly sounds like it will be steps above B's for pizza, but still, I wonder how the location will work out. I'm hugely impressed that the oven is coming from Italy, but again, not letting my hopes get too high till I get to walk in the place!

            Thanks for your help!

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              You have to check their Twitter feed...posted a pic of a pizza...if it's what they'll be serving that place is gonna be incredible!


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                I can't imagine why anyone would go to that Bertucci's The few times I've gone I've gotten awful service. They even managed to screw up a take out order.

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                  I can't imagine why people go to Applebees or TGIFridays either but they do....

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                    lol, I was thinking the same thing...

            2. They are now open and the menu is on their site. http://www.crushpizza.com/

              Looks incredible, dying to try it. If anyone has, please post.

              They also have a coupon on their FB site for 50% off the second pizza after 4pm.

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                Tried it. It's great. Really, the real deal in pizza there. I'll post more in detail later...but, if you go, be patient. They're doing a great job so far, but it's not perfect just yet and there are those few opening kinks they need to work out, just like every new restaurant before them ; ).

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                  Totally agree about the kinks that need working out, but they seemed to be manageable. It almost seemed like there were too many hands on deck.

                  I really enjoyed the pizza I got called "The Crush." It's become a popular combo. Prosciutto and Arugula with a balsamic syrup drizzle. Very tasty.

                  The owner is a very friendly guy and seems to be very excited about feedback. I plan on becoming "The Mayor" of Crush pizza.

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                    Damn, I *always* forget to check in! What does the mayor get there anyway?

                    Got a simple Salisiccia, because I really wanted to check out their homemade sausage. Everything about the pizza was really tasty, especially the crust (nice char, chewy) and the tomatoes (no overly sweet cooked sauce, yay!). Also got some wings - nice and lemony, just a bit of spice, really good. I'm really just so happy with this place, knowing there's a decent place we can go out to eat, especially after running errands around Nashua.

                    I agree with you about too many people around...when that happens, everyone waits for someone else to get stuff done, or there's just not enough room for everyone to move around. Everyone was really friendly though. Looking forward to going back!

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                  I wanted to repost and mention that the FB coupon is far more valuable. It is buy one pizza & get one free after 4pm, valid 6/1 thru 6/5.

                3. They are certainly not lacking in customers these first couple of days. I showed up last night at 8:30 (Coupon in hand) and they told me at the door that they ran out of pizza dough. I'm happy for them that they are getting plenty of business, but I was really hoping to have a couple pizzas. I hope they make the necessary adjustments for the future.

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                    Wow! Clearly those coupons are working...they weren't available opening night, and it wasn't nearly as busy as your experience. I hope you get there soon!

                  2. I just had lunch at Crush and WOW it blows the other brick oven place down the street out of the water both in quality and in price. I had high expectations and I was still amazed it was probably the best pizza I've ever had in my life. I would literally eat a plain crust pizza the taste and texture was so spot on.

                    The ambiance was nice, it felt Italian in the restaurant but was spoiled by a loud waitress talking to anyone who would listen as the hostess and other waitress rolled their eyes behind her back. Sorry but when I'm eating lunch with a co-worker I don't want to hear about what neighbourhood in Manchester you live in from 4 tables away from the customer who's ear your bending.

                    Either way I'll probably be back for another lunch this week because the food was so top notch. My main worry is that when word gets out the oven may not have capacity to handle so many concurrent customers. I realize that this is pretty over the top but I could easily see this place on a Food Network special, I mean the pizza is really just fu**ing spectacular.

                    1. After making a few visits, I am really pleased with the quality of the pizza. They still have many kinks in their ability to crank out pies in a timely fashion. I expect that to improve. I've gotten take-out only so far, so I can't comment on the service.

                      I have heard some of my friends complain about the cost to quantity ratio (expensive small pizzas). I feel like the cost of the pizzas reflect the quality of the ingredients. I am ok with paying 12 bucks for a really good individual-sized pizza. 20? Maybe not.

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                        I think the value opinion is a tough thing...I personally don't mind paying $20 for great food, in this case pizza. For that money, I'm guessing the pie would be topped with the buffalo mozzarella and either fresh local veggies, homemade sausage, or imported prosciutto. I would pay that money for a small amount of outstanding food vs. the same amount for a ton of mediocre food any day of the week. I'm pretty sure I am in the minority in that view, unfortunately. It really bugs me that not enough people see beyond quantity as being the value of something. (This is so not a personal dig at you ec, it just makes me realize that your friends' views are pretty representative of consumers in general)

                        Maybe the improvement in customer service will also help people view this pizza as a good value, as far as an evening out goes. My husband and I could easily have a nice little date out for $50 there, works for me.

                        1. re: solargarlic

                          Right there with 'ya. And I'm searching frantically for a two hour block of free time in the next week so my wife and I can give this pizzaiolo a workout.

                      2. We went for dinner. Had the wings...I'm not a huge wing fan, but I did like that they are grilled and not fried. However, not a ton of flavor.

                        Pizza - I enjoyed it, hubby thought the dough was too salty. Here's the problem though....it's not cost effective for a family with kids. My boys could easily eat a pizza each...maybe more and they aren't teenagers yet. So I would use this place a date night with hubby and not a dine out with the whole family. It would be too pricey to take the boys to dinner here for "just pizza".

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                          Went there this weekend. Tried to call in our order but the phone number didnt work. The pizza and wings were very good.

                          Everything else left a lot to be desired. Staff eating in the dining room, confusion behind the counter, way too many of the wait staff on their phones...just a very chaotic unorganized feel.

                          And this is from someone who has been waiting for this place to open and really wants it to be great.

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                            I noticed the cell phone issue as well....

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                              There is no excuse for staff to be on their personal phones; the place is small enough that mgmt should be able to see it and put a stop to it.

                        2. sorry folks but i just don't get the love. soggy pizza? thick cut chewy prosciutto? loud tinny rock for music? and very schizophrenic, are they trying to be a local pizza joint or an up-scale pizza option? the plastic cups, uncomfortable seating and hapless waitstaff say the former, but the price point, snazzy window shades, and bar hint at other aspirations. if they survive a year or two i might give them a try again, but in the meantime, no way.

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                            my pizza wasn't soggy at all. i did like the decor....didn't notice the music. i found the chairs and tables to be fine...no complaints. the wait staff should wear proper footwear and stay off their cell phones. they should also have a back door to go out when on their break and not hang out on their phones against the windows.

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                              Mine wasn't soggy, but I should have added to my other post that there was definitely too much tomato on the pizza, it kept falling all over us as we were eating. I wasn't too concerned just yet about their customer service because that is usually the thing that takes the longest to get right (not that it's acceptable for employees to be rude, but just service being slow, making mistakes...). I'll give them another week or so to judge the staff a bit more, but 2 weeks is usually the adjustment period, if it's more than that, I'd start to get a bit worried.

                              You make a really good point about the beverages, I was actually thinking, how do they run an authentic pizza place without serving some Italian beverages, like the Pellegrino sodas? It seems so odd to have the soda machine right out on the floor, at first I figured it must be self-serve! I didn't check the wines, but the beer selection was unimpressive. The music I didn't get either...again, why not have something to go along with the food you're making? And not cheesy old Italian or opera, but some fun euro/Italian pop.

                              I hope it all works out for them, the pizza was at least really tasty!

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                                Judging from this thread I'll be getting takeout.

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                                  take out with a very simple/dry topping....really our pizza was flat out wet, and the prosciutto mostly thick sinew. the other stuff i could forgive in a new establishment, but soppy pizza and unchewable meat aren't on my list of forgivable sins.

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                                  @Solargarlic, @rizzo0904, Thanks to the Chowhound posts from all you folks, the cell phone issue has been resolved. We are still ironing out some kinks and we will only get better with your comments and suggestions.

                                  We got our liqour license last Friday afternoon and in NH you can't place any orders for liquor (beer & wine) without having the license in hand. So the selection will get much better but keep in mind our restaurant is small and cold storage is an issue.

                                  Here's the story with the soda machine on the floor. We originally designed the space to be self serve for lunch (order at the counter) and Waitress service for dinner. But when we opened last Tuesday for lunch, our customers wanted to be waited on, so we immediately made the change for full service for both lunch and dinner.

                              2. Finally got to Crush this afternoon-just after 2:00pm. Few tables were occupied given the time. I was by myself ,so glad that is wasn't very busy.

                                Ordered just a plain cheese pizza, was a bit aprehensive about the sauce, but my server told me it wouldn't be large chunks of tomatoes since marinara wasn't a choice. Plus didn't want to have soggy issues either. When it arrived I thought maybe it would be a too wet crust. Once I separated the slices and let them cool off a bit, all was fine. I was able to pick up, fold and enjoy a very good pizza along with a couple of drafts.

                                My nice young server was great, she came by several times to make sure everything was okay. While there I didn't hear any complaints from other tables and everyone seem to enjoy what they ordered. Glad I was able to stop by and check it out. Glad to have a new place to stop by for a good pizza, friendly service and enjoy the time there.

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                                  What kind of beers are they offering? I had read online that there were only about 4 choices, but I haven't seen the actual selection.

                                  1. re: solargarlic

                                    I just drink light, so I had Bud Light, she did mention one with the word Shock in it. Can't remember the full name though. I know I've bought it before, I can picture it, but damn if I can remember the whole name. I think there were only maybe four drafts total, not even sure about bottled choices. Don't recall seeing a beer menu at all.

                                    Bud Light is fine for me, but if your looking for something more, not sure of the choices.

                                    1. re: hummingbird

                                      Must have been Shock Top that you heard. Thanks for letting me know!

                                    2. re: solargarlic

                                      on draught, Bud, Bud Light, Shock Top and Sam Adams Summer.

                                      In the bottle, I think the only additional choice was Heineken

                                    3. re: hummingbird

                                      Expect a wetter pizza at Crush. They make a Neapolitan style pizza which is meant to be eaten with a knife and fork. Much different than what I grew up with in the NY/CT area. I, too, like to fold my pizza as I eat it.

                                    4. I certainly haven’t eaten at every pizza parlor in New Hampshire, but I don’t think I’m going out on much of a limb when I say that Nashua’s Crush pizzeria is serving the best pies in the state. By a long shot. And it’s only because there are one or two promising Boston area pizza purveyors who’s offerings I have yet to sample that I’m not proclaiming Crush the best pizza north of New Haven. If you’re in the Granite State and you’re eating pizza that is as delicious and well constructed as the fine example I had at Crush, then your eating at the home of a pizza geek with a backyard wood fired oven, or a hacked kitchen stove operating on the self clean cycle.

                                      Our late lunch table at Crush was right next to the server station which afforded me a good look at every one of the dozen or so pizzas that left the kitchen before the Americana pizza we ordered hit our plate. The consistency of the pizzas leaving the glowing hot wood oven was very solid. Every one of them had the same quality of blistered, leopard spotted cornicione that showed up on our pie. Our seating position also allowed us to observe the obvious tension between the front and back of the house during the busy late lunch service. That certainly didn’t affect the way the wait staff handled us, though. Our waitress was bubbly, attentive, and very apologetic for the completely appropriate ten or fifteen minute wait for our pizza entrée. In the mean time, we enjoyed a couple of seasonal Sam Adams drafts from the unfortunately small beer selection, and we split an acceptable Caesar salad, then a Greek salad that was provided gratis because of a flubbed order at another table.

                                      I’m not sure what’s so all American about the combination of salami, crushed tomatoes, olives, fresh mozzarella, and Parmigiano Regiano that would make them want to call this pizza the Americana. But, pizza titling issues aside, it proved to be a nice combination of toppings, applied with great balance. Not too much of any thing and not too little. All the individual components are obviously of the highest quality and they all work very well together.

                                      And of course, the real point of the exercise is the crust. Crush shines here. The crust is well fermented and they’re not afraid to throw a little flavor boosting salt in it. It’s nicely blistered on the top and sides, and the bottom is delivered with a level of char that’s quite brave for a restaurant who’s audience is probably most comfortable with pizzas that feature a thirty minute delivery guarantee as their greatest quality.

                                      This isn’t ultra orthodox Neapolitan pizza, but that’s just fine. It doesn’t have the huge baguette like hole structure of most Neapolitan crusts, and despite the grumblings of some others in this thread, it’s actually not as wet as many rigidly traditional pizzas like the ones I’ve had at Una Pizza Napoletana before their move to the West Coast. This pizza is in the style of the new wave of artisanal pizzerias like Motorino NYC who take inspiration from Neapolitan tradition, but aren’t shackled down by it.

                                      I’d like to see a few good craft beers on the menu, and I hope that they’re not shy about playing with interesting and seasonal topping combinations in the future. Those are suggestions, not gripes, though. This is very good pizza.

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                                        I recently stopped at Crush for a solo dinner. Overall, I'd say it beats any other place around here for pizza, especially those claiming to be brick oven.

                                        As a point of comparison, I very recently ate at Pizzeria Bianco, a nationally recognized place in Phoenix AZ. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pizzeria...
                                        ) They are often cited in national rankings of best pizza places .To give you an indication of their popularity, on a Wednesday night in the middle of summer when the town is usually quiet, table waits were approaching two hours at dinner time. ( Luckily we had a reservation ) . They've been in business for at least 5-6 years IIRC, and it makes for an intersting comparison.

                                        While I wouldn't put Crush quite on that level yet, they are still quite good. I had the same pizza at both places - a white pizza which on Crush's menu is the Pista, on PB it’s the Rosa. I added sausage as an extra, which at Crush seemed to take a bit of convincing, but they did it thankfully because it was quiet. Maybe it's because the staff is relatively new, dunno. It normally has mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano, red onion, fresh rosemary, pistachio and extra virgin olive oil. Yes, you read that correct, pistachio. Try it, you'll like it.

                                        It allowed me a side by side comparison of identical pies. Both used fresh ingredients. The sausage at both places was not the industrial stuff that most run of the mill places use. I'd give the edge to PB here; theirs had a little bit of extra kick spice wise, not heat wise. The PB one had a little less oil. The PB version is still better, but this is a place that has been doing it a LONG time. The Crush effort was up there though, and over time should get even better.

                                        As far as the "wet" issue that others have brought up, I wonder if that has to do with pies using tomato sauce. Sitting the bar I was able to see at least a dozen pies go out and the red pizzas had a fair amount of sauce, maybe that is the culprit? Mine was fine, and did not require a knife/fork to eat.

                                        Also, I question the "90 second" marketing phrasing they use. While it's true that I was in and out in just under a half hour, the place was maybe a quarter full on a weeknight. On a weekend, I could see the place being packed. PB by comparison, seats 42 people - almost exactly the same number of seats as Crush. They do NOT do take out or even serve pizza on the outdoor tables where people wait, sometimes for hours, for a table. The place was full when I was there and we were there about an hour. I can't imagine juggling take out ( which could become huge ) as well as in house patrons at the same time. The ovens at both places are small compared to a conventional place - they only hold 5 pies at a time. This meant that our table of six at PB was served in two stages - but the last pie arrived in about two minutes after the first ones came.

                                        Overall, Crush is a place I'll definitely be going again. There is nothing else like it around here and puts 900 degrees in Manchester to shame.I do see where some call out the value / cost issue. Their prices are pretty much on par with PB, which has a full beer and wine selection and a full sit down atmosphere complete with regular bar, located in a major metro area. Crush seems to be in a bit of an identity crisis. It has artisanal quality pizza, but the space is set looks like more of a fast casual place. This very well could be because it took over the old Quiznos spot - the soda fountain that is not behind the bar is a possible relic of that, don't know. That does make for a stange set up where sitting at the bar, refills come from "behind" you. It’s not a place most will want to linger like they would a full on sit down place. Then again, turning tables might be part of the plan.

                                        1100 Bicentennial Dr, Manchester, NH 03104

                                      2. Pizza is indeed the best around here. Period. They make everything from scratch (the pizza anyways). Dough, sauce, even the cheese..you dont get a flavor from the crust ANYWHERE else. Angelas? haha right..Bertuccis? nothing fresh, all canned or Sysco...900 Degrees was a joke.

                                        If you can get past the lack of atmosphere, coziness..often frenetic (clueless) service, and are looking for the authentic Neapolitan style, this is your place.

                                        The Anheuser Buesch selections put me off in a big way..so I dont go to drink. I am surprised by the amount of people that bring kids in for a 'pizza party'. This is expensive and hardly something a small child would enjoy.

                                        This link helps understand the process and the type of pizza to expect..http://slice.seriouseats.com/archives...

                                        Bourdain's No Reservations just had an episode on Naples two weeks back that showed this is indeed the real deal (the owner did indeed to to Naples and spend time there, mastering the artisan methods, and acquired the wood oven


                                        I have never had bad service, let me add..but saw all too much of it around me, so go with caution and patience and your food will more than exceed your expectations

                                        As far as the '90 second' phrase, it's from the time it lands in the oven..and the oven is very small. They can only prep ahead one pizza once it is full, so they get backed up very easily and understandably. If they made, say 5-6 more on the side, the dough absorbs the light flour 'coating' that makes it slide off the peel, and becomes a stick of gum. i know, I do them at home, and you have to to make em in get em in the oven within a minute or two max. (Once the toppings and sauce are on)

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                                          I always go mid afternoon. I can only imagine what a nightmare the place is when it's busy.

                                          1. re: SuperGrover

                                            read about Crush in the Boston Globe, and was going to Nashua for a few days. Crush was worth searching for. it was everything the Globe stated. Great pizza and the chicken wings were wonderful. It was worth going there. There is a Angela's Pizza in MA that is pretty much the same as Crush, but I found Crush's better, toppings were fresher along with the great cheese..

                                            1. re: bark

                                              Finally made it to Crush yesterday for lunch. I got the Crush pizza and it was great, though I wasn't expecting the middle to be soggy. No matter; I don't mind eating pizza with a knife and fork. The combination of arugula, prosciutto, and balsamic vinegar brought me back to pizza I ate in Europe; heavenly. I would have liked a bit more mozzarella, though, as I could barely taste it. My husband got the Mixed Grill: a platter of sausage (divine, not overpowered by fennel as many are), chicken, and beef, which was well-cooked but which we didn't think the Mediterranean spice blend complimented it (probably a personal preference). Service was efficient and friendly--coincidentally, we had the same waitress we had at Cherry Blossom in Milford a few weeks ago-- even though there were only two waitresses working when we got there at about 12:30. We seemed to wait a long time for our drinks (over 10 minutes) and food, about 25 minutes, and the restaurant was about a third full. (Offering something like bread and oil would offset that.) We thought the wait was worth it once we tried our food, but a party of two ladies actually left before eating when a lone diner who arrived after them was served before them. One minor criticism was that we were sitting along the window, and I noticed spiderwebs in the corner of the windowsill; attention to detail should catch that. Also, I was sitting where I faced the back room, beyond the oven, where the waitress brought our drinks out of--and I could see a hot water heater with an empty, used wine glass on top of it, which struck me as odd--what's going on back there? Is it a utility room that food or drink is also being prepared in? A staff break room?
                                              These minor criticisms aside, we loved the food, and we'll definitely be back to try more of the menu--next time I plan on trying the wings. I hope they continue to work the service kinks out, because two waitresses didn't seem to be enough with the capacity that was there Monday at lunchtime.

                                        2. I think Crush has come a long way since their opening. Their pizza is very good and very close to authentic Neopolitan style pizza. It is worth watching Anthony Bourdain's piece on the pizza in Naples:


                                          1. Good reading if you don't know what Neapolitan pizza is. You may not like it but Crush is doing it right.


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                                            1. re: SuperGrover

                                              I posted that link about a month back..but whatever helps people understand..its too bad really, people are dumbed down with pizza hut/dominoes and feel the need to complain when it's done authentically.

                                              1. re: ctroutman

                                                I'm from NY so I love a nice burnt sloppy mess :D

                                                1. re: SuperGrover

                                                  I finally got a chance to try Crush this weekend. I was probably holding off a tad to let some of the expected new restaurant kinks get worked out before a first visit. Service was fine - no issues.

                                                  I definitely enjoyed the pizza. I'm completely inexperienced in the realm of authentic Neapolitan pizza, so I can't comment on how it compares to other incarnations here or abroad, but it did seem perfectly authentic based on what I've read about the style; slightly charred crust with a bit of a smokey flavor from the oven, and wet in the center (this is knife & fork pizza, at least for the middle). The flavors in both the sausage version ("Salsiccia") and the "Regina" (crushed & grape tomatoes, buffalo mozz) were very fresh, natural-tasting, and well balanced. The crust was delicious, chewy but not-too-chewy - and rich, and salty. Fairly obvious this isn't your standard 'pizza joint' pizza.

                                                  I was really expecting the pizzas to be smaller from what I had read, and I'm glad they weren't so I had some to take home. We had a small appetizer of the limoncello wings first, so when our two pizzas arrived we could only eat 1/2 of each one (for two people). Totally enjoyed the strong grilled flavor in the wings and the caramelized onions we slurped up, along with the crusts/bread served with them. Not your traditional restaurant "wings" by any stretch, and I would suggest that if you go to Crush and want an appetizer that you try them. Different can sometimes be good and in this case it was. Small size was perfect for two people.

                                                  In hindsight we would have been fine splitting one pizza after the wings (we try not to be too fat), but luckily I was the beneficiary of the leftovers. Being wet and floppy in the middle, it presented a challenge for reheating later, but I got around that by cutting the pizza into very small mini-slices and reheating on an air-bake pan until things were firmed up a bit.

                                                  I liked the pizza quite a bit - will go back for more. I'm not aware of this type of pizza anywhere around these central NH parts. If Crush keeps working on their formula and never compromises the quality of ingredients, I expect they will be here to stay.

                                            2. I was there Saturday at 7pm for my first and probably only visit. I do not live in NH and can get comparable hand-crafted pizza very near home. Both are on the pricey side, over $10 for a 12" pie. The teenybopper doing takeout asked me to repeat my order three times, There was no language barrier to account for this, but I noticed that between the skin-tight low-riding jeans and the electronics jammed into the pockets, IQ points were seeping from her navel. Funghi pizza plus onion, omit the drizzle of olive oil. She asked me about the olive oil twice. Italian sausage sandwich (their term for sandwich is panu ozzo). "A rustic Italian sandwich made with freshly baked to order bread and filled with the freshest ingredients". Whoever sliced the pizza halved it, then made another cut a third of the way from the first cut, but that was it. So there were 2 proper slices and 2 unwieldy oversized pieces that could not be sliced at home because we had no rotary cutter and the dough and toppings were too wet and sliding to use a knife. Both the pizza and sandwich had to be eaten with knife and fork. When I got home I thought at first that they had given me the wrong order. Inside the bag was a covered round plastic container about 9" in diameter. There were two large sausages which had been halved lengthwise and a mound of cooked bell peppers and onions, covered in marinara. Beneath it was a flat round of pizza dough which had been cut into wedges, not that this made sense, because the "filling" wasn't sliced so you could never eat this without a knife and fork. Nobody would look at this dish and call it a sandwich. It wasn't bad, just a very odd presentation.

                                              There were 5 tables occupied, a total of 13 people. They appeared to be working on a lot of telephoned orders. I waited 20 minutes but the seated diners might have envied me. Only one table had food. The others had only drinks for the whole time I was there. There were probably at least 10 people working there.

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                                              1. re: greygarious

                                                Wow, greygarious, I think you summed up two of my experiences there perfectly...one time I was doing the take out, ordered a Panu Ozzo waited awhile for it and when I got home I realized that I did not receive a sandwich at all, but rather the salad version which I did not want in the first place (and even though that should have had bread, it didn't). I have also been on the other side, being the customer sitting for over 30 min. with just a drink waiting for my food. I don't mind the wetness and sloppiness of the pizza...I always eat mine with knife and fork and I understand that it's the way it is traditionally done in Naples (the people there make that obvious as they have some serious tactics for eating a pizza with k&f!). The time thing I think is a huge issue for me...I get that it takes in total more than 90 sec. to get your food, but it seems like the whole "fast" food thing should not be a part of their marketing at all. The other part I find frustrating is that you cannot take any items off a specialty pizza...I understand these are chef created, but it's lousy when you can't remove one thing, and to get it done by creating your own just costs more. It leaves a few pies I could never try as there are a few with truffle items...I refuse to eat anything truffle unless they are actual freshly shaved truffles. There aren't too many culinary things I dislike more than truffle oils/spreads....maybe jarred tomato sauce. It's a toss-up.

                                                1. re: solargarlic

                                                  My husband and I stopped there on a Saturday afternoon to give it a try. There were a couple of other people there. First, let me say I love pizza and nothing is better than when my husband makes it himself, but we only do that in the winter because of the temp of the stove to cook it. When looking at the menu I couldn't get over the cost for their "individual pizza" which is crazy. We also experienced the "no you can't remove anything or change anything" attitude when it came to their pizza. Sounds a litte bizzare to me, but just another ploy to overcharge the customer. I have been reading the reviews and I'm sorry, but our pizza was soggy. If you are cooking my pizza at 900 degrees I expect a crispy crust, not a soggy one. We had sausage and mushrooms on our pizza. I was not in any way shape or form impressed. We paid almost $40 to get 1 pizza, 1 greek salad, 1 pepsi and 1 sangrea(?). Won't be stopping there again. Way too much money for what you get and even though I ALWAYS eat my pizza with a knife and fork, I don't expect, nor want SOGGY pizza.

                                                  1. re: cj1234

                                                    sorry you didn't like your meal, but i am so glad you wrote this review, i was beginning to think we were the only people in NH who don't like soggy pizza.

                                                    1. re: cj1234

                                                      We went back again which may unfortunately be our last time...our pizzas were really, really salty. Like we spent the rest of the night drinking water kind of salty. And I could not figure out which component made it so salty; when I tried the crust, cheese and meat separately, they were all salty. I think the only thing that wasn't was the sauce. That was also the second salty pizza I had from them so I am figuring it is just the way they are. It's too bad, bc everything else about it was good.

                                                      1. re: solargarlic

                                                        reading these reviews i am beginning to think Crush may be one of those they're "on" they're "off" kind of places. consistency doesn't seem to be a strong point so far. we'll see if they last long enough to figure it out.

                                                        1. re: qianning

                                                          I havent experienced the bad firsthand thankfully, but it''s always going on around us. I'm at the point that I spend more time watching the chaos and listening to the customers complain about how long it takes to get food or how screwed up their take out order is. I'm not complaining, but being honest...the place is overstaffed, just not staffed with proper/trained employees. The bar is often out of common beverages is the one issue I came across twice now. You have a bar, stock it...oh and whoever let Bellevance in there with their Anheuser Busch crap really missed the mark. Wouldve been nice to see a good micro brew line.
                                                          Two times ago i got the overly salty crust, was almost inedible, so I hear the earlier complaint. i almost sent it back, but they were so backed up i just ate it.

                                                          I dont know..the original vision was awesome. The result is kind of blurred.. not enough restaurant quality help. For the premium price you have to hire quality staff, not family and friends. It doesnt work and isnt. It's pizza, not rocket science and appreciate what they do, just the high end feel isnt there. You know youre in a strip mall..there's a horde of people working there, but no one's working smartly/professionaly (outside of the owners), half are in street clothes the other half in kitchen uni's. When people come in that have never been there, they often stand and wait, ungreeted, as the people waiting for takeout pile up in their seating area. Just a mess from a business standpoint.
                                                          It s not a cozy place and it's a shame, could be in the right location. Good luck..used to stand behind them, but lately seems like the kinks arent getting worked out at all. /end rant

                                                2. I had the calamari, and they were excellent... the best I've ever had in this area. Calamari is tough to get just right... I'll have to try them again and see if Crush is consistent. Pizza was excellent, too.

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                                                  1. re: zarquon

                                                    try the pretzel crusted calamari at 36 Delux in Manchester. Excellent

                                                  2. We tried takeout for a family with two boys (grade school age). We were able to get by on two pizzas, but the price was shockingly high. Normal takeout pizza runs $15-$20. I paid about $35, which is nearly double. There was no way that we could get by with just one pizza, although we can at more traditional places. The pizza was horribly soggy by the time we ate it. I was not at all a fan of the prosciutto.

                                                    The restaurant has a casual feel with the price of an authentic Italian Bistro.

                                                    My frustration with this place is that everything is a compromise. The pizza has potential, but is soggy and unjustifiably expensive. The restaurant has nice decor elements, but feels like a budget place in disguise. At their price point, compromise is not acceptable.

                                                    1. We tried Crush when it first opened and we had been very disappointed with the service and the pizzas. However, we decided to give them a second shot and visited them last week. Unfortunately, the pizza was soggy and the prosciutto was raw and actually chilly to the touch. The service was even worse than before, in the middle of ordering our server giggled and abruptly walked away and went over to see one of the the other servers phones. They both were obviously looking at a text or photo, but no apology when she came back. The couple behind us walked out grumbling about service. People have varying tastes and there is always those who will like a particular restaurant but most will not put up with extremely poor, rude service. I will instead visit Angela's Coal Fired Pizzeria in Tyngsboro if I want special pizza.

                                                      1. Just went for the 1st time last week. Cheese, sauce and topping flavors are good, but as others have noted, the crust on the bottom is so paper thin, - seriously, it takes "thin crust" to as extreme as it can get - slices sag, they're not rigid enough to eat them by hand properly. Also, you miss what a good crust adds to a pizza, taste and chew-wise.

                                                        6 Replies
                                                        1. re: cringle22

                                                          I think they erred by offering take out/delivered pizza. I am sure the extra sales were tempting. It is disappointing to see that the service issues still persist. And I think they have a bit of an identity crisis. They are offering high priced food in a fast casual setting - and the feedback and reviews reflect this. Were they to have the same menu but in a fancier sit down environment I think they'd get better feedback.

                                                          I have had no issues with the food when I have gone. I think some people still need to realize that this type of pizza is different than what they are used to.

                                                          1. re: Msample

                                                            Yep - I got take out but I was surprised by how un-upscale the restaurant setting was ... pretty much the same as any casual pizza & sub shop.

                                                            1. re: cringle22

                                                              One thing that still sticks in my mind from my visit is that the windowsill we were seated next to had cobwebs in the corner. For what we paid for lunch for two, I'd expect a little more attention to detail in the cleanliness of the restaurant. It wasn't a huge deal, but continues to irk me that someone working there didn't notice.

                                                            2. re: Msample

                                                              I agree that they have a bit of an identity crisis. They are all over 'social media' (lots of posts on Twitter) yet haven't fixed the service yet. They seem to want to cater to families (back to school specials and kids menus) but want to be upscale too. When they announced delivery, I was even more confused. I orginally posted on June 8th and the same problems I complained about then seem to still be happening.

                                                              And we can finally admit, that this is Nashua, not Naples. It has been hammered home on this thread that the pizza is supposed to soggy and eaten with a knife and fork. I get it. But maybe we can admit that soggy pizza just isnt that great or that maybe people in the Northeast just are not that in to it. I would expect the same the reaction if a St. Louis style pizza place opened in Nashua....it is different than what people expect and I doubt that it would be very well received. I grew up near St. Louis so I dig it but would by no means think that people out here would go crazy over a very obscure style of pizza with a weird cheese on it.

                                                              1. re: EvanWilliams

                                                                for thin crust pizza with no sog, try Johnny Troy, near Manchester airport. He does Sicilian too.

                                                              2. re: Msample

                                                                I agree..the owner went as far as to ask on facebook page what everyone thought of offering delivery. I told him it cheapens the product and not serving this pizza right out of the oven is a crime.

                                                            3. Though I don't plan on returning there, I didn't bother to remove myself from their e-mail list. So, for those who like Crush, I'll mention that through the end of the month, for every $25 in gift cards you buy from them, you get a $5 GC.

                                                              1. I've been to Crush at least a dozen times since they opened and I have to tell you, the food is outstanding...this is as authentic as they get people. You can taste every ingredient and every topping on the pizzas. And this is coming from a career chef. The pizza is NOT soggy. This is True Neapolitan style. The oven cooks so hot and so fast that the toppings, cheese and dough retain their natural moisture. It's about time that Nashua and NH in general steps into the culinary world.

                                                                Some posts in this tread complain about the table and chairs and decor. Its not meant to be a white table cloth type of place. And for the quality of the food, the prices are only a couple of bucks higher than a dominos or pizza hut (yuck). go ahead and order an arugula pizza with white truffle oil, prosciutto di parma and real buffalo mozzarella at a chain restaurant mentioned above or bertuccis for that matter. Besides, Let's keep in mind this is a local family business and not some wall street company. Ok so the service in the beginning wasnt good but you couldnt even walk into the place it was so busy. And when we go on weekends its still a madhouse but service and speed have definetly improved tenfold.

                                                                The focus here is clearly the food. The plaques on their walls show they have been featured in almost every magazine and newspaper in the state as well as the Bostone Globe and most recently phantom gourmet. Rumor on twitter has it that Guy Fieri and Triple D will be visiting soon. So lets cut the mom n pops some slack and support the local restaurants wherever they may be and lets focus negatively on chains like olive garden who's food is inedible but people still insist on waiting an hour and a half to get into those places.

                                                                3 Replies
                                                                1. re: topchef1

                                                                  I've spent plenty of time in Italy, and Crush does not come close to just about every pizza I have had in Italy. You say that Crush is the real deal, yet you rave about their white truffle oil and arugula. I'll let you in on a little secret - the Italians aren't eating those types of pizza. Maybe somewhere in Italy they are, but an Italian restaurant with this level of service and decor would be serving great pizza to the masses. Crush needs to keep that in mind.

                                                                  I've also eaten more prosciutto than I care to admit. The prosciutto that I had on my pizza at Crush was not high quality - or at least it did not taste close to high quality.

                                                                  I'm rooting for this place, but they are never going to make it if they cater to career chefs only. If by Nashua "entering into the culinary world" you mean eating pizzas that even 99% of the Italians don't eat, then count me out.

                                                                  Secondly, it is a mistake to forget your audience. Are you going to criticize people here because they don't like fish heads when going out to eat Chinese food? Whether you like it or not, we have regional preferences. A restaurant that ignores this is doomed to fail.

                                                                  1. re: kilarneyvt

                                                                    There are a million places in NH where people can go if they want House of Pizza crap. I'm glad we have an alternative with Crush.

                                                                  2. re: topchef1

                                                                    I couldn't agree more. I've been to Crush numerous times and the pizza is exactly what it aims to be: authentic NEAPOLITAN pizza. I too have spent plenty of time in Italy and most of Italy does not eat pizza in this style. In Naples, they do. The pizza at Crush is right on the money here. If you want a similar pizza try Posto in Davis Square in Somerville or Motorino or Keste in NYC.

                                                                    I will reference this link again for those of you who are tired of scrolling:


                                                                    This link demonstrates that Pizza Napoletana is a fork and knife pizza. It's much different than the crap you get everywhere in NH.

                                                                    They don't aspire to be a fancy place. They do aspire to have good food with fresh ingredients. The service isn't special. IT'S A PIZZA PLACE! I have been there plenty of times and have never experienced service that was rude or inattentive. It definitely hasn't been perfect, but it has been friendly.

                                                                    I will continue to support this local business. Their lunch special of wings and a 10-inch pizza for $9 is awesome by the way.

                                                                  3. As I have said before, I did not enjoy Crush Pizzeria. Been three times now, just not my cup of tea. However, I am a firm believer in having a variety of places for everyone's palate otherwise we would have nothing but Dominoes and Pizza Hut. But Crush has other problems. I know for a fact that both my husbands employer and my daughters employer used to have Crush pizza brought in for their lunch meetings and now both companies have a standing order that Crush is not to be ordered, both because it is too expensive and portions too skimpy. Now knowing what I do about business this can't be good. I mean sure Crush won't appeal to the masses or the little league team getting pizza after a game, but their business model seems flawed in this struggling economy. Nashua is a great small city but it's not Boston or Cambridge where fancy expensive restaurants can survive. Even if Guy Fieri is coming that means nothing (remember Food Network coming to Ya Mammas and declaring it phenomenal, they are now out of business). Crush needs to either offer big specials, make family pizzas or maybe relocate elsewhere. With their quality ingredients and waitstaff tripping over one another they must have high overhead. Plus being in a strip mall and looking like a cheap pizzeria doesn't help. Anyways, just my view but I do hate to see new family owned places struggle or have a greedy bank call in loans which is rumored to have been the downfall of other small restaurants in the area.

                                                                    11 Replies
                                                                    1. re: tiny87

                                                                      @tiny87 If you've been to Crush 3 times then they must be doing something right. What I now is that I that we all have to keep doing what seems right to keep our local community strong. I always support Angela's Coal fired Pizza, Crush Pizza, Lui Lui, etc, etc. These are all local business that support other local businesses. For example, a local shop hires a local Attorney to look over a lease, or a local architect to design a kitchen or a local CPA, you get the idea. A chain store, on the other hand, hires their corporate attorney, in-house accountants, etc. I know that chain stores employ people but remember if they weren't around, independents will easily fill that void.

                                                                      Also, Most independents are making and preparing foods that are much fresher then their chain store counterparts. Maybe indy locations are not as pretty or as big because they don't have Wall Street Money and Investment funds backing them up. But all that should count is the quality of food and the overall experience that we all recieve. So keep your money local and support the local movement.

                                                                      1. re: topchef1

                                                                        Couldn't agree more Topchef1. I do support local as much as I can. I also frequent Angelas, and Lui lui, I just won't go back to Crush, as I said I gave it three chances just don't care for it. Frankly, I wish there were more local restaurants around to try. You are also right about local businesses supporting the community, I have noticed a void beginning of local businesses either not being around or not affording to be able to support little league, pop warner, drum and bugle corps and school events like they used to. I remember as a kid how locals used to fight to be the first to sponsor a community event for the publicity and the honor of helping, now so many have to constantly worry if they will be in business next year.

                                                                        1. re: tiny87

                                                                          tiny - here are some of my local favs...lucia's tavola in brookline, shira kiku and cedars cafe in nashua, want to try mavi bistro in hudson, pickity place in mason, hollis country kitchen...there are so many local joints, you just have to find them!

                                                                          1. re: rizzo0904

                                                                            Thanks rizzo! I have found some local haunts such as country kitchen and Parkers, but I really need to find more, that's part of the reason I joined Chowhound. Other than a newspaper do you guys have any other sources you use to find out about the local goodies? Folks at work seem to be fans of the chains not many local favorites.

                                                                            1. re: tiny87

                                                                              Tiny - Look for The Hippo, a free weekly newspaper that you will find in newspaper boxes throughout Nashua. They have a section where they highlight food news in the area. Also lots of adds to help you find something to try. http://hippopress.com

                                                                              1. re: tiny87

                                                                                Also, sign up for the NH Magazine e-newsletter. They also have a little section in the magazine every month, but it's the same as the e-mail. I've never had luck finding any other online resources for NH food.

                                                                                  1. re: topchef1

                                                                                    I notice Crush has expanded their menu to include "NY style" pizzas (larger than their Neopolitan pizza). Has anyone tried them yet?

                                                                                    1. re: southie_chick

                                                                                      I tried the Polpete... the mozz tasted like goat cheese ... disappointing.

                                                                                      1. re: cringle22

                                                                                        I had the polpette once and it was the last time I ever ate there. They were the strangest tasting meatballs I have ever had. For me, meatballs are a crucial component to any good Italian restaurant.

                                                                                    2. re: topchef1

                                                                                      Portland Pie is a chain. It's not a big chain, but it's a chain.
                                                                                      It's a bit on the noisy side, but if the weather's nice it's a good location.
                                                                                      Pizza isn't bad for a chain.
                                                                                      Crush is better, but it's also entirely different.

                                                                        2. Having watched Burt Wolf's What We Eat episode about tomatoes last week on PBS, I am chuckling over the game of authenticity escalatio that's gone on in some of these posts. According to Wolf, pizza began in Naples as a thin round of dough topped with oil and herbs before baking, and it wasn't until tomatoes arrived from the New World that the dish began to resemble the modern pizza. With some form of pizza being served all over the world, it seems a tad picky to get worked up over what is and isn't traditional or authentic.

                                                                          1 Reply
                                                                          1. Though one visit to Crush was enough for me, I never removed myself from their e-mail list, and today received this:

                                                                            "Crush will be closed this week and re-opening next week June 10th. When we open, you will notice a NEW Gelato bar and a whole new ordering line for Build-Your-Own pizza. Imagine a "Chipotle-Style" assembly line but for wood fired pizza.

                                                                            New Lower prices! Starting at under $7 bucks, you can now help craft your own artisan, Neapolitan wood fired pizzas, in a “Chipotle- Style” environment, and selecting from more than 30 fresh made toppings to choose from. (Crush will be the First Pizzeria in the NorthEast USA, to offer this service style for pizza).

                                                                            Becauce there will not be any waitress/server table service, guests will enjoy quicker turnaround times and lower prices with the same emphasis on quality and freshness that Crush has always had."

                                                                            So *maybe* this will correct some of their problems. Undoubtedly they would not be restructuring if enough people were satisfied with their product and ambience.

                                                                            1 Reply
                                                                            1. re: greygarious

                                                                              Then again they are opening another location in Boston so I have no clue. I like the food there a lot but I really don't like the idea of queuing up for my pizza. And what about all the other things on the menu? I just don't get it and will probably not be going there as much anymore as a result.

                                                                            2. We (two couples) finally went to Crush Pizzeria last weekend. The service was ok. We were able to get our sangria and beers quickly, but the water we requested seemed to be quite labor-intensive. Each couple ordered a pizza to share, and everyone got a caesar salad.

                                                                              I adore caesar salad; I order it at many restaurants. The salad I had here is on the bottom of the list. The romaine was pretty pale. There might have been a tiny sprinkling of parmesan. My salad had exactly 3 croutons, and they appeared to be small and from a package.

                                                                              The pizzas were decent. The crust was crisp, and the flavors were good. However, for the price, I don't think we'll return.

                                                                              1. FWIW, they are having a pizza BOGO 6/15-6/16 only