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Nov 7, 2010 05:16 AM

Dinner on Staten Island

Any suggestions for dinner on a Friday near Wagner College - nothing too fancy, will appeal to college age to middle age, and open until at least midnight. American, Italian ...thanks

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  1. I'm confused. Didn't you post about this before?

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    1. re: BMartin

      yes and I'm looking for something new - is it wrong to post again looking for same area? It was 2 years ago and I'm not from the area so I don't know what is new/closed/good/bad...or is that frowned upon on boards?

      1. re: freckles1963

        No not frowned on at all. I had intended to refer you to a prior thread and then I realized that you were the initiator of that thread so I thought maybe there was a date glitch or somesuch.

        1. re: BMartin

          I forgot I had posted. Any idea how to remove ?

          Also - any recommendations restaurants wise?

          1. re: freckles1963

            Its the open until Midnight requirement that I find difficult to satisfy.

            1. re: BMartin

              yes it appears that EVERYTHING closes by 11