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Nov 7, 2010 05:07 AM

Baking Pumpkins - How long do they last?

I want to make the stuffed pumpkin recipe from Around my French Table by Dorie Greenspan. My daughter just told me that our grocery store in Florida currently has no pumpkins at all and certainly not any small baking pumpkins. Right now I am up in Wappinger Falls, New York and am going over to Adams Fairacre Farms (a fabulous little grocery store - heavy on the fresh, local produce) and am hopeful that they have the pumpkins that I need. My question is - how long will these pumpkins last. I will be driving back to Florida this week and would like to take several home with me. I just don't know how perishable these pumpkins are. Would they last just a few days, will they last a week or so? Pumpkin is not an ingrediant that I work with often so I just have no clue, but this recipe sounds soooo good. Thanks for any info anyone can give me.

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  1. I just made puree for pumpkins from four baking pumpkins which I bought at Sweetbay. I didn't get around to cooking the pumpkins for about a week, maybe a little longer. They were fine, but after I took them home, they stayed inside the air-conditioned house.

    If you are flying back from New York, and if you put the pumpkins in your suitcase, which, in turn, will be placed in the cargo hold of an airplane, your pumpkins are likely to be exposed to lowered pressures and freezing temperatures in the cargo hold. I can forsee exploded pumpkin or frozen pumpkin all over your suitcase, if the luggage inspectors even let the pumpkins by.

    If you are driving your car back to Florida, heat could be a problem, but I'd put them in the trunk, rather than the area where you sit inside the car. Best bet: a cooler with ice with the pumpkins raised above where the ice will melt.

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      I will be driving, but the "exploding pumpkin" airplane scenario does sound like something I could potentially do. I drive a suburban, but keep it pretty chilly (helps keep me awake and alert on the 20 hour drive). I'll get the pumpkins the day before I leave and will certainly use them within the week. Thank you so much.