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Nov 6, 2010 10:59 PM

Indoor mushroom garden, worth the trouble?

Hey, I live in the North East hardiness zone 6. I was wondering if mushroom farming was worth the effort. I got a basement that has a lot of space not being used effectively. There is a lot of trash that would take considerable effort to move to make room for my mushrooms.

Anyways, I'm bored and its almost winter, I want to see something grow, I don't want to lose hundreds of dollars, but I'm okay losing $50 or so on the mushrooms. I'm also planning on planting some cereal rye, A.K.A. winter rye. Would I better off focusing my efforts on growing some rye, and planning for spring?

BTW, my outside garden didn't yield many squash, but did yield a lot of radishes, over 50! I'm so excited! It was worth spending about 25 hours of double digging. Only reason I mention the above is to give you an idea of my stamina, I know gardening is hard work.

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  1. Bumping because I've contemplated the same thing.

    1. If you're talking about growing plain white button mushrooms in your basement, then I'd say no, don't bother. You'll never reap enough to even remotely pay for the setup. And as far as pricey gourmet mushrooms go, most of the best varieties are grown outdoors, not in basements.

      If you're ootzy to grow something, maybe clean some the trash out of your basement & set it up with fluorescent lights, etc., to grow greens to use during the winter, plus seedlings for next year's garden.

      1. This is a great site for this subject, you can grow and harvest a whole lot of different types.