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Nov 6, 2010 08:31 PM

ISO neighborhood Italian

Been back for a few months after spending the last 4 years in South Florida. I'm missing the small, family-owned Italian joints more than anything else. Why does Dallas have to be full of the same, boring manicotti, chicken parm and spaghetti places?

My favorite restaurant down there was 5 tables, run by a family from Naples where mama made the pasta each day, the kids waited the tables and another family member helped prep in the back. Escarole and beans, eggplant caprese, linguini with clams. Nothing innovative, but it was all from scratch and all fantastic. I've been back to a few places I used to love like Pietro's off lower Greenville and it hasn't been anywhere close to as good as I remember.

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  1. Boy, are you in for a shock. We got nuttin! I agree about Pietro's. It's not very good anymore.

    Try, Nonna. Although expensive, It's excellent! And, the closest you'll find to what you're looking for. It's my personal Italian favorite.


    1. We really love Momo's on Knox Henderson.

      400 N Greenville Ave, Richardson, TX 75081

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        Although we actually prefer Momo's (the original) on Forest Lane just east of Greenville Avenue, they're both BYOB.

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          Isn't it true that "MoMo" on Forest which is BYOB is NOT associated with "MoMo's" which is not BYOB?

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            Addison and Knox are related (same website). Forest Lane is not (different website). I've had pretty good meals at all three.

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              Ok, here's the facts as related to me by someone I know who knows the Momo family very well. Momo's on Forest Lane is still owned and operated by the original Antonio Momo family.
              The other Momo's are owned by Hussein Gohmi. He was originally a waiter at the Forest Lane store and worked his way up to manager and then went out on his own. Not to sure how he managed to retain the Momo's name, though. I was also told he had owned, Nero's on Greenville Avenue.

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                I believe the original is "MoMo" and the other two are "MoMo's"--only MoMo is BYOB.

      2. Small - check (6 tables, with a few outside)
        Family owned - check
        Freshly made pasta - check
        Scratch - check

        Nonna Tata - check. It's worth the drive.

        Odd hours, so call ahead, byob, cash or check only - no plastic.


        Here is sample of their menu, though I'd suggest paying close attention to the specials that are offered.

        If all tables are taken, you can leave your name, walk down the block for a drink (or whatever) and they will call you when a table is available.

        Nonna Tata
        1400 W Magnolia Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104

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          Ditto, CocoaNut on Nonna Tata. If I lived in Ft. Worth, I'd go more often.

          Nonna Tata
          1400 W Magnolia Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104

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            40 miles from home to the restaurant. I need to make a day trip out of it and find some more stuff to do in Fort Worth. Now that baseball season is done, I rarely venture past 35 if I'm not at work.

          2. Also, you have to check out Jimmy's Italian Market. Great for a sandwich . If you want to make your own pasta at home Holy Ravioli on Lovers has great fresh pasta.

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              I grab sandwiches at Jimmy's pretty often. Never been to Holy Ravioli. I might grab some of that this week and try it out.

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                Holy Ravioli's hand made fresh pasta is great! The best in Dallas.

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                  I find Holy Ravioli's products lacking and pricey. Their regular cheese stuffed ravioli hardly contains any filling. I don't know if they do that deliberately because of their health conscious Parkie crowd or what.

                  I prefer Pastosa ravioli which you can find at Jimmy's and also the stuffed and fresh pasta that Central Market offers.

            2. One of the city's most anticipated restaurants will open next month in Bishop Arts and will be called 'Lucia'. Should amaze you as it will be tiny, all homemade and plenty of charcuterie and fresh pastas.

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                Is there a comparable resto that currently exists in Dallas so we can get some idea of what this place will be like?

                1. re: Scagnetti

                  I can't immediately think of a presently existing restaurant but Lucia is David Uygur's (former exec chef at Lola) new place.