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Nov 6, 2010 07:19 PM

Recs for Pottstown?

Can anyone recommend a good place for dinner around Pottstown? Price/cuisine open..

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  1. Henry's Cafe - Seafood
    Funky Lil Kitchen - byob

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      Second FLK. I have yet to try Henry's.

    2. Pickings are a bit slim in Pottstown, mostly diners, chains, and pizza joints. Best bet is to head down to Phoenixville, only about 20 minutes away where there are plenty of great choices.

      1. I'll give FLK a shot...

        1. Funky Lil' Kitchen was a good recommendation. Easy parking on the street (at least at 6PM on a Wednesday) and almost empty. Service was friendly.

          Pork cheek ragout on puff pasty was a nice app. For an entree, I had a strip steak, which was perfectly cooked. However, it was about 2.5x3 inches and not sliced, and being a toothsome cut, it was a bit hard to handle (it kept tipping over!). Would have been a better dish if served sliced as usual. Dessert was a slice of pumpkin cake with stewed fruit, simple, nice. Good cappuccino.

          BYOB, but their wine glasses are absolutely terrible, having more in common with those old Welch's grape jelly jars that could be reused as glasses. It's sad when trying to be trendy makes you do something stupid! Bring your own wine glasses.


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            This discussion reminded me that I had never been to Henry's, didn't even know where it was. We scouted the place out, found it, and even met Henry, although we didn't eat there (it was 2:30 pm).

            We'll try it soon and I'll report back. I like what he's trying to do. It may be a problem in Pottstown selling entrees in the $20 range.

            1. re: FrancisdeR

              We love going to Henry's Cafe. Strangely, the owner's name isn't Henry, it's Frank!

              I know I'm late but what about Gracie's 21st? It's not in Pottstown borough but close.

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                That's funny. I asked him "Are you Henry?" and he said yes. I guess he was speaking figuratively. He was certainly very affable.

                Where is Gracie's 21st?

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                  I have to try both of these places. It's so important to support them ... esp if they are as good as I have heard from others. Gracie's? I didn't think that place was still open. Can someone report back?