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Nov 6, 2010 06:47 PM

Great restaurants on Long Island?


I'm looking to buy a wedding gift for a couple who lives on Long Island (in Massapequa, specifically) and was thinking a gift certificate to a nice restaurant in the area might fit the bill. Anyone have any recommendations for restaurants on Long Island (within an hour of Massapequa would work, I think) that would make for a special night out?

Thanks so much!


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  1. If they are big steak eaters you could do Peter Lugers or Mortons, both in Great Neck.

    If you're willing to go within an hour of Massapequa you could also consider doing a gift certificate to a restaurant in NYC. Definitely within an hour car or train ride for them and they could make a nice night of it.

    1. rachel.anna, this thread on Favorite Long Island Restaurants might give you some more ideas:

        1. It can't be more than an hour to North Fork Table and Inn in Southold. Best meal I ever had on LI, and maybe you could throw in a night at the Inn!

          1. I think Lola in Great Neck is one of the better LI restaurants these days. Plus, it is right next to the movie theater, so they could make a full evening of it (or just order the chef's tasting menu, whcih kept us occupied for about three hours).