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Nov 6, 2010 06:45 PM

Turkey for Thanksgiving in Montgomery County

Looking for a high quality turkey in Montgomery County (we live in Ambler). Any suggestions?

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  1. Merrymead brings in local organic fresh turkeys and they are good. Whole Foods is always reliable as well.

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      I have had good luck the past couple years with the kosher turkeys from Trader Joe's. Saves me the trouble of brining them ...

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        we just stopped @ Merrymead today and ordered our turkey! it's our first non-grocery store turkey, I'm totally excited!
        FYI, $2.79/lb

      2. i've been seeing signs along 73 for fresh organic turkeys from D&M farms. i don't know anything about them, but I've been meaning to ask. this seems like a good place! :)

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          I just saw the signs today all around 73 and 363. Never heard of them either but I will check them out.

        2. Drive to Silverdale in Bucks County and get a great bird from Bolton's!

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            I second Boltons. We've gotten our birds from them for years and they're very good. I live in Lansdale (not far from Ambler) and it only takes a few minutes to get there.

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              Boltons, been there three years in a row

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                Thanks all. Took your advice: this year's turkey from Bolton's was a winner! And pies and breads from nearby Tabora Farm and Orchard also were wonderful. Ours was a memorable Thanksgiving dinner!

          2. Dave's Produce in the Flourtown Farmer's Market.