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Nov 6, 2010 06:40 PM

Flipside Pizza, Brunswick ME -- Finally, good pizza in Brunswick!

Flipside has been open for several weeks now, and I finally got to stop in this weekend. It's on Maine Street, in a small storefront that used to house 111Maine, a brunch restaurant I never visited. The space is pretty minimal and unpretentious: a few high tables, some wooden counters, a counter, a great big pizza oven. This is a neighborhood pizza joint that shares the burgeoning local foods ethos with El Camino (same owner), Frontier Cafe, Back Street Bistro, and Athena (and a bunch of others), and a welcome addition to the neighborhood it is. Here's a link to a story in the Bowdoin paper about them:

The menu, written on chalkboards, has three sizes of pizza: 12, 16, and 18 inches. Slices are also available, which absolutely made my day -- you can pick up a nice slice on Maine St. in Brunswick!!!! I can't remember the full lists, but the special combinations offered included, on the night I was there (and please forgive me if I forget a few components in each composition - there were a lot): sauteed spinach and roasted mushroom; buttercup squash, local greens and pancetta; beet, sweet potato, and blue cheese; shaved fennel, arugula pesto, radicchio and sausage; a few other specials that included chicken; plus a list of individual toppings including those local greens, roasted onions, most of the standard veggies. I noticed the list of meat toppings included whole clams. As befits a place with local food cred, there is a list of credits naming all the suppliers of veggies and meats. The only beverages available are locally produced soft drinks from Maine Root and Lemon Sting (a honey-lemon soda made in Brunswick). I didn't ask if they plan on offering beer, but if they did, that would be a nice addition.

The pizza? Nice. Very nice. We got half peppers & mushrooms, half arugula-fennel-radicchio-sausage. The crust was crisp, thinnish, but sturdy enough to hold up the judiciously applied toppings. The one criticism I might have is that the combinations each seemed to have one more ingredient than they needed. In mine, the radicchio kind of got lost, and was very subtle background to the gamy cured sausage. I also would've liked slightly more sauce, but that might've compromised the really excellent texture and structure of the pie. To get a really good sense of the elemental pizza they make, next time I'd get one with just plain cheese. And another one with toppings. And maybe one more, just because.

But the upshot is: Go there! Eat pizza! Yay, Flipside!

111 Maine St, Brunswick, ME 04011

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  1. We ate lunch there today, and this may be the best pizza in Maine. It was excellent.

    1. We had 2 slices there today -- excellent! They had 4 or 5 choices for pizza by the slice, heated nicely before serving. We both had the corn, red onion, lemon pepper and ricotta cheese. This pizza was outstanding, I didn't even miss the tomatos or tomato sauce (which usually defines the pizza for me). Toppings worked really well together and crust was delicious. Ingredients are locally sourced whenever possible, and organic (as are the beverages).

      The MU mentions pizza with arugula-fennel-radicchio, buttercup squash, local greens, beet, and sweet potato. These must have been offered on specials, none of these ingredients are on the regular list of toppings and, unfortunately, none were available when we were there (on Aug 12, so most of these ingredients would still have been locally available).

      Veggies on the menu are limited - mushrooms, peppers, onions, roasted garlic, artichokes and roasted tomatoes. Would love the regular list to include a greater variety of veggies. The only special pizza offered with veggies was the one we had by the slice. Maybe they offer a greater variety of veggies in their specials on other days, but veggie offerings were limited to basics when we were there (which is why we bought the slices).

      This place is very small, with just a few tables and some counter type seating looking out onto MainSt. Not a good place for large group (unless you do take out), but comfortable for party of 2 - 4. HIghly recommend for very fresh, very good pizza. Best pizza I have had in a long time!

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        Glad you like the place.

        Toppings on the menu are available all the time. As is the case with most of the good places in Brunswick, the veggie specials vary depending on what's abundant and in season.

        1. re: the_MU

          Agree, but in August, when we visited, there are many veggies that are "abundant and in season" - at a minimum would have expected zucchini, some local greens, eggplant and squash. None of which were offered. But would not hesitate to return, even in the dead of winter, because the pizza was just so good!!