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Nov 6, 2010 05:37 PM

Meeting place for a meal and sit around for 3 -4 hrs in Merced, CA

We're planning to meet with someone and eat and sit around for 2-3 hours talking in Merced, CA. Any place within20-30 mi would be fine.

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  1. Branding Iron will take care of you.

    Branding Iron Restaurant @ 640 West 16th Street, Merced, CA 209 - 722 - 1822.

    The Branding Iron Restaurant
    640 W 16th St, Merced, CA 95340

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    1. re: Littleman

      I second branding iron, or deangelo's at their temp location.

      1. re: Agrippa

        Those are the two best options, agreed. If you are less fussy about the food, but want to pay a bit less, I've seen business groups accommodated at Trevinos on Main Street. They are big enough that you could be off by yourself. Also, there is a private room in the back of Fernando's Bistro on Main, but I like both Branding Iron and DeAngelos better.

        or, if you want (free) WiFi, come over to the University (about five miles east of town) and meet at the Dining Commons.

        The Branding Iron Restaurant
        640 W 16th St, Merced, CA 95340

        Fernando's Bistro
        510 W Main St, Merced, CA 95340

    2. Thanks, we'll into it. Although we will be meeting(personal business) next month the week after XMAS. I'll let you know how it turns out.