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Nov 6, 2010 05:03 PM

Looking for a wall pot rack

As part of our kitchen remodel, we'd like to put our pots on the wall, because the hanging pot rack we have now really seems to make our kitchen look small.

We're picturing a simple grid kinda thing...don't want pegboard and don't want the shelf-shaped kind where pots hang perpendicular to the wall, but aren't having much luck finding this.

Anybody know where I can find something like this?


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  1. How about this?

    Measure the wall area you intend to use to hang your pots.

    Then lay a blanket or sheet on the ground and outline your wall area with string or whatever.

    Then arrange your pots on the sheet as you would like to have them on the wall.

    And then screw in decorative hooks in the appropriate locations. This would be the pegboard convenience without all the extraneous holes.

    You would probably want to use anchors or mollys for strength. Since you're remodeling, just hang on to some spackle and the paint to fill in the holes if you decide to move or do something else.

    Just a thought...

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    1. re: DoobieWah

      I think pots would leave marks on the wall, so not too sure about this idea, but thanks!

    2. Something like this?

      They come in three different finishes, chrome, black and white. We use them for another purpose (display at trade shows), but I think they could work for your purpose.

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      1. re: souvenir

        This is the type of thing that we found by googleing, but the line drawings aren't giving us much confidence that we'll be happy-we might just have to go ahead and order-they seem to be fairly inexpensive.

        1. re: Liz K

          Depending on where you are located, you might be able to go to a fixtures warehouse and see them in person. Around Northern California, we have several new and used sources.

        1. Pot rack epilogue...

          After running in too much annoyance buying from the companies that sold those grid things, we went another way...couldn't be happier with the result!

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          1. re: Liz K

            Slick. Architectural salvage?

            1. re: Liz K

              Hi, Liz K:

              Nice. It looks like a low-profile version of a French hanging cupboard. Very good use of space.


              1. re: kaleokahu

                Thanks! We're really happy the grid thing fell through. This has so much more character.