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Nov 6, 2010 04:04 PM

The last Man Standing in Stone Harbor...

Remember real lobster/ crab shacks,the kind that fit about a dozen people inside, and another couple of dozen outside the door, just itching to get in & chow? REAL she crab soup, all back-fin, a little roe, some sherry, and the rest, just magic? Lobster rolls devoid of clery, just fresh lobstaer & a dab of mayonnaise. The kind that stayed open all winter, feeding the faithful? The kind that every shore town worth it's salt featured and supported? The kind that really do not exist anymore?

Well, righton Stone Harbor Boulevard, right after the bridge going into the beahtown, a 91- year young man named Pat, Calabrese for real, is getting it done. It' easy to go past his shack because it's not all lit up. But going past it is a BIG mistake.

I just finished a bowl of his she-crab soup, and had a lobster roll right before it. It's early November, but my taste buds are singing July. Pat has served Tony Bennet, Bobbie Rydell, Sinatra-- all the former Atlantic City luminous-- and if you're real lucky, he'll feed you. His shore food is the real deal, the kind that barely exists these days. Just soups, lobster, bisques, crab (blue crab, the king & the ultimate for flavor), and for the squeamish,a real Philly cheese steak (yeah, he' s from south Philly...)

This is th best and the realest seafood you will get in the Cape May area. Go...

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          1. The place is HORRIBLE!!! YUCK!

            I would'nt let a stray dog eat there!

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            1. re: Angelina

              When did you go there. What frustrates me is that I have had yet another post flagged (now three) about this restaurant, and I would believe that you probably went there after my original post sometime after 11th of April. If you were going on the report by jodell above, then it is obvious you were expecting something great. How can chowhound flag posts that give an honest view of a restaurant, and leave a glowing report like the one above with no caution to its readers. The funniest thing is that I am so polite, that I ate a cup of the crab soup in that stinky place, but had to get the lobster roll to go, so i could dispose of it in a polite way, as I couldn't bear to sit there any longer.

              BTW - this post will probably be flagged as well.

              1. re: Angelina

                Angelina, I can see where you are coming from. The facts are that right before going to the shack, i had enjoyed 3-4 hours of indisputably great sexual disportation with one of the local areas great beauties, who also happened to be almost half my age. This fact, as well as some herbal indulgence that was non-lobsterroll-related (please forgive the double hyphenation) may have clouded my judgement slightly. But Pat was so generous, kind, and at 91 --still a stallion kicking it up in the chow-stall-- well, my appraisal may have tended to the over-generous. Having just revisited the great local beauty for another 3-4 hour appetite builder, I now must now say that Pat is a remarkable individual, the shore area boasts some great beauties with hearty appetites, and you may be correct in questioning the objectivity--in this one instance-- of my personal judgement.