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Nov 6, 2010 03:22 PM

Best Canned Tuna in Boston Area?

after many yrs of not having them, i'd like to start making tunafish sandwiches again. i have read this loooong thread and as a result, sampled and concluded that TJ Tonga tuna in water is completely and utterly worthless cardboard, and the TJ yellowtail in oil is o.k. but nothing worth repeating. CHs on this national thread have highly praised As do Mar and Rio Mare; has anyone sourced these in boston area?
Here are highlights from thread in General CH Topics:

"Read this with caution....because once you taste this tuna you'll never go back to grocery store tuna.

As do Mar is yellow fin and sometimes bigeye tuna caught in the Atlantic off the Azores. It swims deeper and in colder water so it builds up more fat reserves. It is redder and darker and color and is best served in a dish where it will be highlighted, a nice antipasto or in a salade nicoise or atop a bed of lettuce or tomatoes.

It's line-caught and processed when fresh, and packed in olive oil."

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By kimberlynkong on Dec 29, 2008 06:20PM

"Would someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start importing Rio Mare tuna?! It is near impossible to find the flavors they have available here in the States. Messicano - with hot chilies, corn and olives, and this divine concoction with white beans and black olives is to die for. I would pay through the nose to find them again."

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By rhrunner on Jun 10, 2010 07:30PM
"oh my gosh, i just had some conservas ortiz el veleno -- onndarroa (viscaya) tuna (oval can, with no coloring on the can itself, but black lettering on the pull-top; may've been in a box, but the grocery manager who gave it to us must've thrown that away). i think it must've been the yellowfin ventresca fillets.

yowza it was so good -- silky, tuna-y, buttery, luscious, and *in little meaty strips* (doh! fillets!) and not small pieces. bee-yoo-ti-ful! ;-)).

a manager at whole foods gave it to us to try, but i doubt i would pay so much for tuna on my own. on the other hand, it was utterly delicious. i wonder if fresh tuna would be cheaper? but i couldn't get that texture! now i'm spoiled. dang it!"

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By alkapal on Jul 11, 2010 07:54PM
"I love the Korean Dong-Won Hot pepper Tuna. You can find it at korean/asian grocery shops. It's seasoned with like a tomato/chile/pineapple? sauce. Delicious."

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By joonjoon on Aug 10, 2007 03:55PM

the n.y.times did an article touting Progresso but that was 13 yrs ago

does anyone have sources for these above, or other ' amazing canned tuna finds'?
thnx much.

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  1. portuguese canned tuna at New Deal and, sometimes, at Mayflower. Pricey but excellent. Personally, I liked italian canned tuna in olive oil for tuna salad.

    1. I tasted both the Ortiz and (some other) brands "ventresca" tuna at WF: priced to wince, liked both, liked one better, forgot to write down which.

      1. I am curious about this as well, since I have been pretty much fed up with the familiar store bought brands. I did place an order on line with tuna guys and thought the quality was way up there, but their website has said temporarily out of stock since August. Thought about trying Day Island for the smoked or jalepeno tuna but would really like a local source for some good quality tuna.

        1. If you've never tried it, consider canned red salmon instead of tuna. mmmmmmm!

          1. For Portuguese canned tunas I usually shop Courthouse and Fernandes Fish Markets in Cambridge which usually have a couple selections each, but tend to be bit expensive (bit cheaper than things like Ortiz Bonito del Norte). McGrath Hwy Somerville Stop and Shop has one or two (with the Portuguese goods and canned sardines) and Seabra probably has a good selection -- definitely put this on your list, but I have only checked out their sardines. You can find seasoned types along with them in olive oil, be careful more and more of the Portuguese brands are switching to salad oil.

            Fernandes Fish Market
            1097 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

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              Courthouse Fish is a treasure trove of great stuff. So you know, a family member owns Adams Fish in Lower Mills Dorchester.

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                Adams Fish is in Adams Village not Lower Mills.