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Nov 6, 2010 03:17 PM

Non-Ronzoni bucatini/perciatelli in Park Slope?

A pretty specific question: I'm looking for bucatini/perciatelli in Park Slope that isn't the Ronzoni brand stuff. I'm not a fan of Ronzoni. I've had De Cecco before and it's fine; I hear tales of Barilla bucatini and how amazing it is, etc.

Anyone seen any non-Ronzoni bucatini/perciatelli in Slope supermarkets?

(And yeah apparently bucatini and perciatelli are the same thing. Didn't know that before now. )

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  1. Applky, Sometimes Fairway carries this pasta variety in their Plainview store. Hope this helps. It might be berst to check beforehand.

    1. I've never had luck finding bucatini in any of the Park Slope markets. I usually stock up at Coluccio (they have a Di Martino from Italy which is fine, and not as expensive as De Cecco), but I think Fairway carries it too (De Cecco and maybe Barilla as well.)

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        no bucatini of any kind at Fairway, at the moment

      2. Love perciatelli and bucatini also. TJ's has some "BUCATI" pasta [same as bucatini -- different name] and IF they don't have any, settling on the DiMartino brand from Coluccio isn't a bad option at all. (TJ's pasta has gotten favorable reviews).

        1. Blue Apron has some fancy "artisinal" Italian brand. D'Vine Taste often carries it too.

          D'Vine Taste
          150 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

          1. You might try Esposito Pork Store on Court + President Streets--they have a dried pasta selection--or the new iteration of A+S pork stores near 3rd on Fifth; thought I saw pasta there, too. Coluccio, as well as any Italian grocer/pork store in Bensonhurst surely will always have it. The DeMartino brand is fine, and good value. Your query makes me crazy to be reminded once again of the almost complete disappearance of Italian Park Slope, esp. along Fifth Avenue where I grew up. Granted, now 50 years ago, but for a generation, the stretch between Union and Third St had at least 3 bakeries, 2 large pastry shops, 3 or 4 latticini or cheese stores, fruit/vegetable markets, fish stores, and others. As was typical in such nabes, hardly a restaurant beyond a corner pizzeria, coffee shop, and ice cream parlor. Even the supermarkets (ours was called Spinner's, now the site of Union Hall tavern) had full lines of Italian food and deli. Now even basic bucatini is an endangered species. Forgive the nostalgia, and good hunting.

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            1. re: bob96

              Ditto Bob's comment. the remaining Italian groceries in Carroll Gardens are worth a look as is Eagle Provisions which had this item in past years (havent looked recently) . I could not believe that with rack upon rack of pasta at Fairway there was no bucatini - dont know who their pasta clientele is.

              Eagle Provisions
              628 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

              1. re: jen kalb

                Guys, guys, it's OK. There's still D'Amico foods and M&S for all your Italian needs.